Newsletter for 30 April 2004

Fri 30 Apr Newsletter

Update - 2004/04/30

Update - 2004/04/30

As you may have noticed if you were at gaming last week, ITS have decided to end public access to ITS0.11, which will become a training room only. This means we need a new venue for our gaming sessions, and we have found one: B2.08, the room on the science concourse about halfway between the library bridge and the turning to the left for L3. If in doubt, follow the sounds of gibbage, people on a caffeine high, and general gaming goodness. :-)

This also leads to another point about the new room: film soc, aka the Warwick Student Cinema, has their ticket queue right outside, so for at least some of the evening we ought to keep the noise down a bit.

The times are still the same, that’s Friday and Saturday evenings, meeting in “the bar” (Rootes building) at 9 and moving to B2.08 for the main event at around 10. I hope to see you there.