h3. CompSoc Minutes - 30th April 2004

Fri 30 Apr Meeting Minutes


Chris Boyle / cmb
Paul Broadbridge / NeXuS7
David Buckley / bucko
Peter Ellis / PlanarPlatypus
Sophie Marshall / Seren
Phil Stoneman / DrWatson
Timothy Troy / Zephran
Richard Wilson / Si1entDave
(sorry if I missed anyone, a list was not recorded at the time)



Signups will open at midnight on Saturday for 20 people, possibly to be increased when Neil Williams (the campus electrician) gets back to us. Guest signups 24 hours later. ITS need contacting about network access. Also we need more tables if we’re having both rooms.


This is now in B2.08. Si1entDave, as president, needs to sign an agreement with someone about the room.

DCS cupboard and VLAN

Phil needs to sort both of these.


A couple of courses have been missed, these need attending later if possible. Zephran still needs to book and attend the finance course.

“Tao” of CompSoc

Nothing has been done yet. Pete and Mish will work on this.

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