Minutes - 2004-02-13

Fri 13 Feb Meeting Minutes

CompSoc Minutes 2004-02-13


Society Stuff


A proxy vote was received.


Only Paul Broadbridge had officially mailed the exec list to state his intention to stand for an exec person. Nominations will close an hour before the meeting (7pm), with the nominations only posted at the time of the elections. LAN signups open tomorrow 11pm. Some positions (e.g. webmaster, LUG officer) were suggested to be appointed by the Tech officer, but it was also commented that the LUG officer should be elected as it’s an official person.

Joining fee

Summary of current opinion:
Keep joining fee as is: Phil.
Keep joining fee (unspecified): Chris, Richard.
Keep at least minimal fee: Pete, David.
Further discussion: Christian, Euan.

Social stuff


We need to remind people that we need at least 10 people to make the booking viable.

Technical stuff

New hardware for Insomnia arrived Thursday: Dual Athlon MP 2600+, Gig of ram, gigabit ethernet. The current plans for the CompSoc servers was laid out in detail in this email to the techteam list: https://www.warwickcompsoc.co.uk/pipermail/techteam/2004-February/000021.html

It’s worth noting here that the names of the members and core servers have been interchanged to avoid some confusion/breaking some hard coded things.

Summary of the rôles of the machines:

Richard would like to run 2.6 on Insomnia.




Phil spoke to Roger Packward about this: one of the technicians thinks this Wednesday, but Roger thinks this is optimistic and reckons by end of term. Two keys for the cupboard: one for the Tech officer and another to be disbursed at his discretion. If possible, the servers in the cupboard will be on the same VLAN as Molotov.


No followups to previous discussion. Phil doesn’t like drop down only menus (i.e. clicking on the menu itself should do something). He’d also like specific pages for e.g. academic stuff. Furthermore, he suggested splitting up the “advertising” and “members” parts of the website to make the image presented more attractive to non-members.

The 404 page has been changed.


People were encouraged to post ideas to tech team list to get more people involved as not telling people about things happening/being planned isolates them.

FilmSoc have a project webpage for their tech team with details like “who’s idea” “who’s doing it” etc.: https://www.warwickcompsoc.co.uk/~phil/todo.png


Steve Jarvis

Not this term.

Steve Matthews Lecture

Steve Matthews is trying to organise a module for next year: “The philosophy of Computer Science”. Towards this end, he has completed, submitted and had accepted for publication a paper on this subject. Phil mailed Steve about organising a lecture on this, to which he replied that he’d be honoured to do so.

Bletchley Park

Forms in. No events planning meeting that day however. Max of about 30 people.

Swing tutorial

This Tuesday 4pm in MR 4. Mostly done by Andrew Sully with some input from Phil.


Elections and LAN signups have already been mentioned. Elections on Saturday evening. Bucko suggested per event mails with a general summary tacked on the end; the main problem would be some people tend to ignore lots of small messages.


We have just over £100 in the pot with about £80 of this to be paid into the various accounts. After paying for the new hardware, we’ll have about £152 left over.