Minutes - 2004-01-16

Fri 16 Jan Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Minutes



Photos have been moved. The terms of society hosting were discussed: we provide DNS, mail, 20Mb of webspace (additional space can be purchased at the usual rate of 2.50 per 100Mb) and require that they purchase any domain they want to use and that the webmaster be a member of CompSoc.


Room still booked, Phil will contact piazza tomorrow and signups will open tomorrow evening.


We’ve spent 70 pounds on software/games.

DCS Cupboard / Servers

Internal dimensions: 34" wide, 16" deep, 66" high. Sadiq thinks we can exchange server hosting space with RaW, and Phil has spoken to filmsoc about a mutual backup scheme. Phil has spare cases in his house which can be put to good use. Pete might be providing us with an XP1800+ and a Sotek motherboard for the members server. The core server (molotov) will keep the Duron 950. The webmaster requested having a separate instance of Perl and apache with the main apache proxying requests to the separate one. MySQL 4 will become the main SQL server at 8pm on Saturday of Week 8 and MySQL 3 will be shutdown at the end of the term.


The LUG are holding talks in week four and week five in L4. Bletchly park trip to be held towards the end of the term. Swing tutorial might be held during week four, but Phil is currently busy. Other ideas for tutorials include HTML, C, PC modding.


Paul recommends an “all you can eat” Chinese meal in Leamington for the Compsoc Meal (possibly in week five). Karting will cost at most 35 pounds a head (possibly Wednesday of week seven).


We’ve had a number of people standing for positions already. The AGM will be held in Week 6 an hour before gaming (8pm) with nominations closing a few days in advance. David Buckley has offered his services as “communications officer” to mail the society every week. It is suggested that the next administration create a “tech team” to have jobs delegated to them to alleviate the load on the tech officer. The tech team is to be appointed by the tech officer, who is ultimately responsible for the actions of the team as a whole.