Minutes - 2004-01-09

Fri 09 Jan Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Minutes



Paul Broadbridge and Peter Ellis have been co-opted into the exec to occupy the newly created positions of Social Secretary and Academic Officer respectively.


The next LAN will be held in the B218/9 rooms like before at the end of week four. We also have booked the subsequent LAN in LIB1 for the end of week eight. Phil will remind himself to bug Piazza prior to the LAN to get a net connection. Attendees will be reminded prior to the event to ensure their systems are virus free and have a working firewall.


It has been suggested to hold a LOTR day, which would involve watching the first two on DVD at Phil’s house and then going to the cinema to see the final film on the Sunday at the end of week three.

Bletchley Park

Normally those taking the History of Computing module take a trip to this, but not this year. We feel it would be a good idea to organise such a trip ourselves. Phil is taking the minibus test on week four. Given the potential number of attendees (120 are taking the History of Computing course), we might be able to book a coach.

Kevin Warwick

This will be held on the second day of the second term. This needs to be plugged fairly heavily on the first day.


The LUG will be holding talks on the 21st and the 28th of January by Jason Clifford and Dave Jones respectively. Another project still being discussed by the LUG was to use the new DCS lab to hold a workshop on fixing broken User Mode Linux hosts. There will be another Desktop tutorial.


Swing has been done before and would be useful for those doing ISE. A CVS tutorial would also be useful, but there isn’t enough material to do an hour long tutorial: there are various tutorials on the web which we could either directly link or condense/rewrite to be more appropriate for the target audience.


We are now very close to having a cupboard in DCS, thanks to Rodger Packwood. We should be getting the internal dimensions of the cupboard on Monday so we can start ordering equipment.


Alternatives to the City Arms were discussed. The “Surfers” bar on the Westwood campus was mooted as it’s closer and normally empty. Other possible socials discussed were paintball course in London that is based on a CounterStrike map. There’ll be a CompSoc meal at the end of week five.


There’ll be an AGM held at the end of week six for the elections. From the current exec, Christian Bates and Richard Wilson have stated their intention of standing for president.


Payment of £2.50 was received from the Anime society for webspace.