Newsletter for 7 November 2003

Fri 07 Nov Newsletter

Members-wide mail on 7th Nov 2003

Joint Paintball Game With Paintball Society

The Warwick Paintball society is organising its second game of the term for the weekend at the end of week 9, the weekend after the LAN and we are hoping to make it a joint event between us and paintball.

What this means is that members of compsoc can sign up for this event without joining paintball soc, because we are students we can get cheaper deals than if you booked separately.

What’s on offer is this: only &£30 for a full days paintball and 500 paintballs. The site has both indoor and outdoor playing areas and promises a wide variety of games for us. Most of the compsoc exec, as well as myself are going and with paintball the more people we bring the the more fun we have, if enough people signon we can ask to have our own games - CompSoc V paintball. This is nowhere near as scary as it sounds - trust me that paintball is not a society of ultra-skilled militia, just as we in compsoc arn’t all god at quake 3.

For those who want to come, we need 2 cheques. One for a desposit to the site to secure your place and one to pay for transport to the event. The date of the event is Saturday 29th November.

Cheque 1: &£10 deposit payable to Kingswood Leisure (Corporate) ltd.
Cheque 2: &£5 payable to UWSU for transport. Because of the cost of difference of transport we managed to get them to lower the game price in order to get you the best value.

Please pin cheques to the paintball noticeboard in union north, its on the right between meeting rooms 2 and 3. If the door is locked ask at reception and they will give you a key.

PLEASE WRITE “COMPSOC” as well as your name, email address and uni number on the back. if you don’t there will be no way to contact you to let you know you have a place and give you transport details.

Deadline for cheques is 2pm Thursday 20th November (week 8). If you want to pay in cash email me/pay me at gaming/the pub meets and I can write a cheque for you. (We will also be in union north on thursday at the deadline and can write cheques then).

Remember the more the merrier, if you’ve never tried paintball before this will be an excelent time for you to see what it’s about for with some friends for cheaper than normal. There will be a lot of people, both from compsoc and paintball who have never been before either.

Hope to see you at the game

Compsoc Treasurer
Paintball Treasurer