Newsletter for 6 November 2003

Thu 06 Nov Newsletter

Newsletter for Week 6, Autumn Term

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  1. LAN
  2. Guest Lecture
  3. Careers Information
  4. CAT6

0. LAN

It’s that time of term again, this time in B213/214 on the Science Concourse; sign ups open at noon on Saturday 8th November. In the event of there not being any space by the time you attempt to sign up, do so anyway as someone might cancel. If you would like a lift, mail the exec or ask on IRC.

1. Guest lecture

The Linux User Group have arranged a guest lecture by Dave Jones (contributor to the Linux kernel) which will be held on the 26th of November in the Physics Lecture Theatre.

2. Careers Information

The Careers service are hosting a number of presentations in the next two weeks from companies like Codemasters (of Operation Flashpoint fame), Fujitsu, BBC technology, Qinetiq and Microsoft; this will be an excellent opportunity to arrange a summer or full-time job.

Details of the dates and times of these presentations can be found here:

3. CAT 6

CompSoc sell lengths of high-quality network cable - all at a very cheap price.

Prices are:

For example, 20m would cost 0.50 + 5.00 + 4.00 = 9.50

Mail requests to

Thats it for now, see you at the LAN.
Euan MacGregor
h3. Newsletter extra

By popular request (on IRC), sign ups for the LAN will now open at 10:30pm on the Saturday.

Euan MacGregor