Minutes - 2003-11-01

Sat 01 Nov Meeting Minutes

CompSoc Exec Minutes



A LAN was held. There were problems with the music server, related to the CGIs hogging CPU causing the music to skip. As noted before, the next LAN will be held in B213/4 which is a bit smaller than the LIB rooms. We also have B219 for power leeching and if people want to sleep.
Penalising people for not turning up: at the last LAN, some people had signed up but didn’t turn up. There were a number of people wanting to attend during the LAN who hadn’t signed up. Some of the problem was people not signing up as reserves, as we loosely decided that anyone who didn’t turn up by midnight on the Friday/Saturday had forfeit their place, and an appropriate number of reserves could attend. Another idea suggested was to force someone’s signup to reserve for the next LAN if they don’t turn up without letting the exec know in advance.


We have about £850 to spend on stuff. We’re buying:


Phil thinks he can get a cupboard in DCS in the old Sun lab for some of the hosting. If we get this, the backup server will go in the Union, Insomnia in ITS and Molotov (core) and Bong (random file mirror) to go in DCS.


Chris received a response from Mike Joy, will see him soon. He also has a draft mail to Dave Jones regarding transport for Phil to check.

Perl tutorial

Sadiq is working on this with a guy from RAW, and will be held in weeks 11-13. Mike Joy is happy to plug this.

Matrix Social

We’ve had about 19 people signed up and only a few who haven’t paid.

Goffbeat / Geek Night

The goffbeat exec have invited CompSoc to hold a LAN on stage. There are several issues that need resolving (e.g. machine security, preventing accidents involving liquids and hardware), but if they can be it would be good.

Game servers

Some individual posted to the newsgroups about our CS servers not checking CD keys which should be corrected. MFJ was thanked for his efforts in administrating the CS servers.


As mentioned in our propaganda, we offer CVS to our members. One such member has already approached us about this for his ISE coursework. DCS offers fairly vanilla CVS and if their service encounters problems the deadlines can be extended, whilst our service has more features (e.g. mailing lists, viewcvs) but people use it at their own risk. This needs to be made clear to anyone who uses our service.