Minutes - 2003-10-18

Sat 18 Oct Meeting Minutes

CompSoc Exec Minutes



This week, we have been plagued by further issues with reliability, all of which have been unrelated to Molotov itself: ITS are migrating to a layer 3 network as well as to a gigabit connection, which has caused a few problems.

As mentioned in previous minutes, there are plans afoot for a new server:


Next tutorial is the command line tutorial in week six. No progress on the Starcraft tutorial. The desktop tutorial last week went well apart from the lack of an audience.

This LAN

Non-exec people won’t be permitted to arrive at the LAN until 8pm. We have permission to “borrow” power from the downstairs room. Phil has mailed WarwickPiazza about being able to use the net connection.

Next LAN

The LIBn rooms have been booked for week eight by other people, so we have the option of booking the “old” LAN room (B21[34]) as Security don’t want the engineering rooms open overnight.


Phil and Sadiq spoke to Mike Joy about various things, including the command line and Perl tutorials getting server space, gaming sessions in DCS and the old Sun machines. Phil has mailed Rodger Packward about gaming and the old Sun machines.


We have yet to receive any money from the Union for memberships. Phil will need reimbursement for membership cards, and we should buy some games. A UPS would be nice, but we’ll wait until we get a better idea of the budget.


The main contributors to the existing projects are no longer with us, so the projects are somewhat stagnant. We’ll be holding a meeting to determine interest in holding an OSP this year. From discussion, we came up with three ideas: the current LUG OSP (a Java client for Henry’s music server), Space Racer 3D and a question database as a revision/study aid.


Chris has mailed (and got a response from) Jason Clifford (runs the UKFSN ISP) about a talk. UML hosting for troubleshooting tutorials was also discussed. Installfest posters have been put around campus.