Minutes - 2003-09-27

Sat 27 Sep Meeting Minutes

CompSoc Exec Minutes


Freshers Fayre

Form has been sent in. We’ll have a computer and a monitor for showing stuff. Phil will contact Onion to find out when our stall will be.


Phil will contact the person responsible on Monday to find out how much we actually have been allocated.


Those who have net access (heh) should be around on IRC lots to welcome the new people.

Molotov accounts

Some accounts are due to expire. A couple of weeks after freshers fayre, all non-exec people who were previously members and didn’t sign up will be contacted to remind them that their account will be suspended.


Polis have finally replied need a bit of help setting up a bulletin board and uploading the site to Molotov.


First LAN of the year will be held on the end of week four. Phil has mailed room bookings. We’ll be hooking up (web) cameras to the LAN server to take regular pictures throughout the LAN, for security reasons (and it would make a pretty nifty timelapse video).


We may have lots of orders.


Our new pigeon hole is 322.

Programming Competition

Sadiq has spoken to Accenture and others for sponsorship, obtaining £250 for prizes. Sadiq is writing a briefing for DCS to attempt to get some DCS lecturers (Mike Joy, Steve Jarvis, Steve Mathhews), with one aim of getting Steve Jarvis to plug it in the CS118 lecturers. It’ll be held at the beginning of term 2.

Activity Afternoon

Called off, due to lack of time for planning.


Phil is finishing off the gateway/router tutorial. Tutorial to be likely to run this Wednesday. The command line tutorial will be held during weeks 6 and 7 (after first CS120 lecture), desktop tutorial to be held around week 3. The desktop tutorial will be very high level (“how do I edit my Java files?”, “how do I read my mail”, etc). A customised version of Knoppix will be made for handing out (for a nominal fee) at the command line tutorial. Customisations include placing useful links on CD, CompSoc propoganda, setting default language and locale to English/British. Deadline for around desktop tutorial, plus try to gve out at CS120.


Sadiq will talk to Mike Joy about holding a very simple Perl tutorial for going with CS120. Euan will do a C tutorial for CG152 or “C for Java programmers” and will speak to Ashley Ward about it.

First event

Would be good to get a room in the Union with nibbles for meeting new people

ITS Equipment

ITS have been replacing their networking gear. They’re going to sell the old equipment and we might be able get some cheaply.


If we get a server cupboard, we can get several hosts for a reasonable price for hosting more experimental things (e.g. UML) and leaving Molotov for extra stable hosting of more important services like email, dns and society related web hosting.