End of term LAN and BBQ

Tue 03 Jun News Item

Hi guys, with exams and the like going on, CompSoc hasn't done much this term, but fear not; there's more to come after the exams!

We have a barbeque on the Sunday at the end of week 9 (22nd Jun), followed by the longest LAN CompSoc have ever held - 76 hours! This one will be starting as a "pre-LAN" on Monday 23rd June, which will be held in Lib1 (since Lib2 was booked), and followed immediately by the full LAN, held in both rooms, starting on Tuesday 24th.

Signups for the LAN will be activated on Tuesday 10th June at midday. Remember that you need to sign up for both events if you want to go to the full LAN!

Edited by David Buckley on 2003-06-04 18:24:21.