Minutes - 25 May 2003

Sun 25 May Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minutes

25 May 2003


Cat5/Network Cards

Phil has spoken to Warwick Piazza, who said they were going to enforce dabs type prices at GeTech/LazerLizard, so nothing to gain from selling our own cards.

Piazza leaflet

Piazza agreed to let us include something in the pack for people moving onto campus. The pack is compiled in August so there isn’t as much of a rush to get it done.


The BBQ has been booked. Sadiq is supposed to take the appropriate first aid course, although there are no such courses being run between now and then, so we’ll need to find someone who has done this course. Richard has had some training, but not probably of the right type. Fire extinguisher has to be obtained from Gibbet Hill on the Friday before. Also need to get a first aid kit. The BBQ will be held at site 2 (same site as before), from 4pm until about 10pm (this includes time required to set up/clean up).


Leaching power from ITS isn’t likely to happen. Richard has looked at lighting; there are two groupings: one for the lights at the front (shining onto the board) and one for the other lights. When the lighting is at its lowest (but not off), it uses about 10W instead of 18W. As this isn’t that much, plus the lack of extra power sources, it will be at most 20 people per room. Signups: midday two weeks before for members, one week for guests (Monday week 8/9).



Insomnia has been upgraded; it handled about 20 players in CS with less than 10% CPU, and most of that was the proxy. David has a friend who was written kernel modules for iptables, which might be worth looking into with respect to doing packet forwarding more efficiently.
h5. LAN server

Henry is donating case, David could donate a hard drive. Richard can build the LAN server in a day or so. We’ll need a video card for the new LAN server. Phil has said he may have one available.

Society jobs

Polis website has disappeared, so can’t do anything about that until it reappears. Squash is reportedly “dead” this term due to exams.


Sadiq hasn’t gotten around to contacting potential sponsors due to exams.


Had a fruitful discussion, produced a nice long list of things cover in talks/workshops currently have a list of topics, and possible groupings.


Could provide CVS for ISE students.


We are applying for office space in the National Grid house.

Computer fairs

Worth expanding site details about this, plus mailing the members about pending fairs.


Sidebar needs redesigning.

Fresher’s Fair

Need a 100 word description for the fair.

Activity Day

Have spoken to various lecturers about topics, potentially have Steve Matthews to be involved. Next meeting Wednesday 2pm.

Cousins meetings

Phil and Sadiq spoke to Leslie Goldberg. “Cousins” meeting scheme of having everyone in some large room failed before, so DCS is trying a new approach of holding meetings with smaller groups. We’ll have a presence at them, but we need to come up with something to do which isn’t directly CompSoc related. One idea was to demonstrate some CS stuff, such as the towers of Hanoi, the moving arm equipment or the oscilloscope used in COA.

Matrix reloaded

Friday next week, time to be determined.

First year social

Could get two meeting rooms joined and get some food delivered. It needs to be booked at end of this term if possible, otherwise book it at the start of the year.


Could get t-shirts for the exec, and the guest lecturers.


Draft to be done after Chris finds out when the Reloaded showings are.