Minutes - 17 May 2003

Sat 17 May Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minutes

17 May 2003


First year social

Phil and Sadiq are going to talk to Leslie Goldberg this Wednesday.

Things to do at the social

This to be discussed at a later date. The main constraints are that our presence as a society would be purely a coincidental one, i.e. not a recruitment drive.

Pub social

Phil hasn’t mailed the members yet, although the issue of transportation was raised: only a few of the regular attendees take the bus, so getting more to come would involve some coordination with those few.

Warwick Volunteers

A housemate of Phil is on the exec for this society, which has good links with local companies. Some of these companies require a website, so the idea of a joint venture between CompSoc and Warwick Volunteers was raised: they would find projects for us, and we’d find members willing to carry them out.

LUG Stuff

Chris went to AFFS.
The LUG has been discussing ideas on things to actually do, e.g. holding workshops and a new OSP on which people can actually work. Possible workshops include setting up a gateway and using Linux on the desktop. The new OSP is to extend/improve the playlist program that Henry uses at LANs (assuming Henry doesn’t mind).

Programming Competition

Mailing list has been set up.

Activity day

This will probably be held during week four of the first term of next year.
Phil has mailed Steve Matthews and will talk with him about ideas.


The form requires someone to be responsible, so Sadiq will be the designated scapegoat^Wpoint of contact. The BBQ should be held on the 22nd of June, just before the BFL.


New hardware for Insomnia has been ordered, and should arrive at the University on Monday (and then be extracted from the postal service). Insomnia will then be removed from ITS for the upgrade.


Who to approach was discussed again. Going for larger names has the added bonus of adding credibility, although getting money from them would require some planning (so they know exactly what their donation would be used for). One possible use would be to provide a small financial incentive for people to write revision guides, but the notes provided by the CS department are pretty good anyway.