Newsletter for 30 April 2003

Wed 30 Apr Newsletter

Mini Newsletter for Week 2, Summer term

  1. Dr. Solomon lecture
  2. LAN
  3. Other activities

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Hi there!

This is just a quick reminder of forthcoming CompSoc events.

1. Dr. Solomon lecture

Don’t forget, on Wednesday this week (week 2), the Computing Society is hosting a talk by the Dr. Solomon, about how his world-famous AntiVirus software was originally written. This is a really good opportunity to learn
about how software of this type is programmed, and how to avoid some of the common tricks that virus-writers use. It should be a very interesting talk!

Come along on Wednesday at 3pm, to the Physics Lecture Theatre on the Science Concourse (Walk past L3, keep going through the glass doors, and it’s on your left).

2. LAN

After the first of the exams are all but over, and the coursework is all but handed in, why not come and chill out with CompSoc? Our LAN party at the end of this week (Week 2) is a great opportunity to meet some cool people and have lots of fun too. Come along and play some of whatever your favourite game is, whether it’s Tetris, CounterStrike, StarCraft, or anything else you can think of!. The atmosphere of playing someone in the same room is completely unique, so sign up on the CompSoc website and bring your computer along on Friday to join in the fun!

3. Other Activities

Some of the other events that we are planning for this term include:

Take care, and I hope your exams go well, and that you enjoy the talk on Wednesday.

Phil Stoneman

University of Warwick Computing Society