Minutes - 26 April 2003

Sat 26 Apr Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minutes

26 April 2003


Society Jobs


Lan has been booked, now needs advertising (see below). To make things a little tidier, we plan to attach some of the inter-table cabling to the ceiling (the rooms have a false ceiling). This requires us to ask for permission, so Christian and Sadiq are to ask the person who gave us permission to take power up from downstairs. Henry still has the Compsoc switches.


Social on Wednesday. In order to get more turn out, Christopher is to contact people to organise talks. Currently on this list is Alan Cox.

Perl tutorials

First tutorial to be on the Wednesday after the LAN. Room and time to be confirmed.

End of term socials

Two main events: the barbeque and the BFL. Currently plan to hold the barbeque on Sunday 22nd June in the afternoon, and then start the BFL straight afterwards. The BFL to then run until the Thursday (26th). Currently need to find the equipment used for the barbeque last year and book the rooms for the BFL.