Minnits - 15 February 2003

Sat 15 Feb Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minnits

15 February 2003


Not Present

A number of recruits were also in attendance


Since they were clearly present it was felt that something should be said about the presence of the new recruits. It was decided that “Hello” was the best thing to say. New recruits to report for brainwashing. Recruit Noisy to report for brain transplant.


To maintain the semblance that the society is in fact a democracy, rather than the dictatorship run purely for the privilege of the exec we decided some elections needed rigging. Candidates are…

Laserquest Debrief

Laserquest appears to now be a hole in the ground.

Agent Squirrel would like to extend his apologies to all those who attempted to attend this event[1]. In what can only be described as a colossal failure of the intelligence service Agent Squirrel was universally described as lame.


A full 11 people are signed up to go bowling. Following this unprecedented stampede of signups for a non-computer-related event we are going to run it. Yes. We are.

Agent Squirrel to book 3 lanes for 2 hours at 5pm on Wednesday the 26th of February. Agent Crunchy to supervise booking. We will be getting the bus from campus at approximately 3:30pm, meeting outside Rootes Reception.


After much discussion it was decided to cancel gaming tonight whilst ITS give us more disk space. Everyone universally praised ITS’s generosity. Phil to put Return to Castle Wolfenstein on suahu so we have more games to play.


We need more.

War on the Stop The War Society

The war effort is not progressing as planned, following our failure to construct an Ork Barracks outside L3 we have been unable to acquire enough Grunts to mount a concerted attack on the Society.

Agent Moodreeb appears to have defected to the Stop The War Campaign, as his absence demonstrates. Agent Moodreeb is to report for brainwashing and to be known as Agent Hippiebitch henceforth.

LAN Server

Some stuff was said about this. But nobody decided anything and nobody’s got to do anything.

3D Graphics Tutorials

Contrary to popular belief AD Whiney has done something. The graphics tutorials are booked in Union North, Meeting Room 1 at 2pm on Wednesday week 8, 9 and 10. AD Whiney to mail the members to let them know.


Incredibly there was nothing to say. But we are going to give the Real Ale Soc an account and charge them for extra space. At this point the wide fluctuation is disk space prices was pointed out and a number of sales were made. Excellent.

World Domination

As you all know we successfully completed an aggressive takeover of the LUG last year, to continue our steps toward world domination we now intend to take control of the University of Portsmouth CompSoc, the first step of which is giving them a free account. We also considered doing something about compsoc.ac.uk, but decided the current exec were too lazy and the next exec could do it.

Silencing Recruit Noisy

Recruit Noisy needs a volume control. Agent Crunchy to-do.

LAN Speakers

In a spate of People Who Don’t Do Anything Doing Something Agent Crunchy has successfully purchased some speakers for the LAN. There were some numbers at this point. I don’t know what they were or what they mean because I wrote neither down.


Agent Hippiebitch to verify that Agent Sog can take the part of a Jedi at our upcoming LAN.

Big LAN In Term 3

Despite finishing the exec meeting the new recruits wanted to talk a lot. Next term we wish to hold another large LAN, possibly a full week long - although Agent Crunchy did make the suggestion that we “try booking it for all of March”.

And that’s it.

  1. This is an interpretation of the manic laughter that followed description of the event.