Minnits - 2 February 2003

Sun 02 Feb Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minnits

2 February 2003


LAN server

Chris is lame for not having bought the speakers yet - Chris to buy them this week. Chris has investigated (and mailed info to the mailing list) and we can spend £4-500 on a decent spec box. Scrimping would only save about £40 so isn’t really worth it. The RAID option was examined but considered too expensive and not worth it.


Henry foolishly volunteered to compile a complete list of games on suahu and e-mail them to the list. There was considerable discussion on whether we should buy and/or budget for these licences, with no clear result (I think it was a ‘probably’).


Insomnia is installed (!) on piazza but the external IP isn’t working yet, so Phil to bitch at ITS about this. We could ask Robo to admin the Q3A servers, and Phil also needs to set up the irc shenanigans.


Laserquest to be moved to week 6, but we can’t be bothered to book it in advance. Karting/bowling for Wednesday week 7, sign-ups to go up ASAP, with the most popular actually taking place. Dave to put these socials in the newsletter.

Exec Meetings

  1. :30 on Saturdays is fine (or at least there is no better alternative).


Tom to book this. The elections will be held on the Saturday at 4pm.


James to investigate when graphics tutorials could be held. Chrispy to plan bunny-hopping tutorial for week 6. Bucko to do the Perl tutorials at the start of next term. Dave to mail the guy about TeX tutorials.


Adam to change the word ‘skillz’ to ‘skills’ on the poster. The LUG haven’t done much that needs discussing. Dave to write the newsletter.


We need a white elephant. Chris to investigate the black market trade and elephant accessories. Dave to e-mail Jesus about bringing Jedi costume and saber to next LAN.

Something tells me that the person taking the minnits at that meeting wasn’t taking it entierly seriously.