Minnits - 16 November 2002

Sat 16 Nov Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minnits

16 November 2002


Membership cards

The laminates got sent back because we hadn’t picked them up, so we will dispense with membership cards (for this year at least). James to put a page on the website where you can enter your uni ID to get an e-mail telling you your membership number and user code. There should also be an option to be sent a new password.


Chris and Tom still need to find out more precise details about this.


If there is a problem with getting the full 16GB quota, we should at least try to get something as a temporary measure, even if it’s only 1GB or 2GB. Phil to mail ITS again on the subject.


There followed a lengthy discussion about how to make gaming sessions more popular. One idea was to turn one of the gaming sessions into a pub social, though this might not be practical - we could ask the people that turn up to gaming if they think it is a good idea. Another idea was to hold tourneys/ladders to generate interest, with the added incentive of prizes. Starcraft, LB3D, Doom, Quake, Halflife, UT ladders were all muted as possibilities, as well as Q3A doubles on 1 computer and various racing games (e.g. TOCA etc.). For those of these games which we haven’t tried, we should try to get these working before the end of term, so that we can start the ladder/s with the new term. This stuff probably to be announced at the LAN.


We now have over 20 signups. In the long term, these signups should be restricted to those people that should be able to sign up (cough cough Mendoza). People should make sure that they bring just their box, and 1 laptop if absolutely necessary. Chris to look into buying a big power cable. We will start the LAN (once everyone is set up) with a UT tourney, to be played to the end on Friday night. We also want to hold a Warcraft 3 tourney, either 1v1 or if enough interest 2v2.


The layout for the leaflet has been done. “Jamie Webb sucks” - David B AND James. James to mail Jake, and organise printing the leaflets on the DCS printers. For those people in the LUG that need to join Compsoc, they have a week to do so before being struck off the LUG mailng list.


Phil needs to change the passwords, as we have had the current ones (particularly the suahu one) for quite a while. Details to be discussed at the next meeting.


Compsoc is going to invest in 6 surge-protected 4-way 10m power leads for use at LANs. Chris to to this. We also want to buy a UPS as a safety precaution, ideally a 2 minute one. Adam to investigate.


Phil to set up the public FTP.

And that’s that.
By the way, when are we having the next meeting?