Minnits - 1 November 2002

Fri 01 Nov Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minnits

1 November 2002



Tom Cropper to join Compsoc (or else). Chris Fanning sucks for misplacing the Pad.


Have officially agreed (again) to host our second server. Insomia will be placed in the piazza server room (hopefully within a few weeks). Phil and Henry will be able to gain access to the room if necessary. As far as the quota for the suahu account is concerned, they have promised to take action (although it was unclear what the action would be). For the moment, games which don’t fit on H: will be put on FTP (preferably by Phil). Phil also to give Henry a copy of the agreement between Compsoc and ITS. Finally, anybody bringing food/drink to gaming sessions will be advised to keep it concealed as much as possible.


Warwickpiazza has been seriously scaled back, so advertising Compsoc on their website may not be that helpful. Once Insomnia is up and running it would be a good idea to advertise it on the residence newsgroup, and perhaps Jamie Webb’s site. For the start of next year, we should try to get a mention in the Warwickpiazza welcome pack. Phil to hassle ITS about getting Insomnia put in, as this is a crucial thing we are waiting for at the moment.


theSheep have asked us if we can host their website; in principle this should be no problem. They shoudl also be aware of the Molotov Terms of Service. If they need more than the requisite 20MB of space, we can charge them as though they were members (i.e. £2.50 for 100MB). In return for our hosting the site, we should have a prominent advertisement on their site. Phil to talk to them to find out more details about what they want, let them know what we can do etc.
The LUG has a mailing list and website on Molotov, with their own e-mail to follow soon. The members list for the LUG and Compsoc are updated daily, according to something funky that James did. A few days ago, it was discovered that they user “Smokeh” has used the (copyrighted) menu system developed for the Compsoc website. He also has a webcam which is contributing significantly to Molotov’s load (up to 10 requests/sec). James to ‘talk’ to him about both issues, i.e. threaten him with the ToS. Lastly, Phil has fixed it so that members@… should be working now.

Finance cards

David B, Dave and Tom to meet up next week and get the other finance card.


Rooms have been booked - LIB2 Friday 7pm to Sunday 10pm, LIB1 Saturday 1pm to Sunday 10pm. Henry to check the music server’s coding to make sure that single tracks don’t get knocked down the list, and try to make it so that the same song can’t get played too regularly. Henry also to bring a list of David B’s queued tracks for the last LAN (if the logs are still available).