Minnits - 25 October 2002

Fri 25 Oct Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minnits

25 October 2002



Dave/Doom is away. He receives one Irreversible Antiplus™.

LAN Roundup

Discussed LAN. Official Numbers: 26 Machines running. The estimated number of attendees should be put at 40 for future LAN’s as there were several members turning up over the duration expressing interest in bringing their machines to subsequent events.

Next LAN

Nutsy to book for week 8. (6pm Friday to 10pm Sunday) Official start @ 7pm will give over 50 hours of LAN. Signups to go live in week 6 and anouncements in Newsletter, at gaming and on website.


H addmitted he had done nothing and that he sucked. Whilst on the subject of sucking, more abuse was thrown at Dave. Unfortunately, he was not around to receive said abuse. Henry to book karting ASAP.

Nutsy’s Membership

/rest-of-exec bitchslaps Nutsy. Again.
Tom Cropper to join society.

Membership Cards

H to collect Laminate wallets from Union. Unresolved debate over spending the money used for membership cards on better things, most notably beer for the exec.

Finance Cards

Tom Cropper, Chris Fanning, and Dave De La Motte to meet and sign finance cards.


Phil, Where are you?


New topic based on absence of Phil. H to have ‘father-to-son’ talk with Phil in an attempt to improve exec meeting attendance. List of things for Phil to do growing:


No Comment.

Chrispy/Zig. E&OE


Any comments about the quality of these minnits will be ignored. If you want the job done properly and it’s not related to Quake3, keep it well away from Chrispy: He would appreciate that.