Minnits - 17 October 2002

Thu 17 Oct Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minnits

17 October 2002



Tom Edwards has mailed the LUG list - James to forward the mail to exec list so we can see it. Tom Edwards to be added to mailing list, and Dave to mail him to let him know.


The old OSP is progressing slowly but steadily, and we have had a small number of new recruits for the OSP turn up to meetings, who have discussed possibilities for the next OSP.


Henry to badger Union about Stacey, Laura being on the exec. Also Dave’s surname on website needs to be changed, and the exec positions on the website should be specified.

Membership + finance cards

James has a new finance card. Dave, Chris and Tom need to get together to get the other one at some point. The wallets for the membership cards have had to be re-ordered, so we won’t have them ready for the LAN. Chris to print about 50 of the cards themselves ASAP.

First social + gaming

  1. –55 people attended the Bar leg of the social, with 38 people turning up for ITS gaming. We now have a signed note from ITS saying that we have the ITS-011 booked 10-4 on Fridays and Saturdays. Food at gaming is not permitted. Phil to chase ITS about the 16GB quota we’re guaranteed by ITS. Phil to set up FTP account on Molotov for downloading stuff to ITS machines in the meantime.

Imsomnia + Warwickpiazza

Imsomnia is going into ITS, but no confirmation as to when. We are stil waiting to hear from Warwickpiazza.


Still waiting to see how many people sign up, but if we get less than 22 we’ll all go in LIB2. If there are more, we’ll split people arbitrarily. There won’t be a sleeping rota as there’s only one night, so it shouldn’t be a problem to have an exec member awake at all times. Henry to bring Teapot, and Chris the speakers. Dave to mail members one more time to drum up support for the LAN.

Other socials

Henry to book karting for Wednesday of week 7. We can open the signups now and put a news item on Molotov. The price should be about £20. Official Compsoc pub meetings on Mondays in City Arms (no lame excuses for not turning up) and future exec meetings to be held on Fridays at 7pm in Rootes reception.

Future exec

We need to keep an eye out for people to replace the current exec next year, as most of us will be leaving. Particularly important positions are Webmaster, Tech Officer and Secretary (:P).