Minnits - 10 October 2002

Thu 10 Oct Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minnits

10 October 2002


Dave to hassle Phil about attending meetings. We need to now from him the position regarding both Insomnia and Warwickpiazza. Also the state of the game servers which will go up on Insomnia, in particular there has been a recent Q3A update. We also need an FTP account on Molotov to download stuff at gaming sessions.

First social

We will ignore signups for the Friday gaming session, and if enough people turn up the exec will have to sit out. If even more people turn up then the extra will have to go into the other room. At the first social, the exec can introduce themselves and answer any questions from the membership.

Membership cards

The plastic wallets have yet to arrive at the srudent shop and the cards haven’t been printed yet. The cards will be handed out in the future to members attending society events. Dave to put a note in the newsletter to this effect once the cards have been done.

Freshers Fayre + exec members

The FF was pretty successful. Tom to actually join Compsoc at some point! Alexis Birkill’s flatscreen goodness, and other assets, were very helful in attracting potential members to the stall. So far w’ve had 150 members, with promises of a few more yet. Unfortunately, Laura and Stacey were able to register as being on the exec - this is BAD. Henry to badger union to get them to change this. Tom Edwards and Phil Stoneman need to register as exec (both also need to attend meetings!)


This is fine in its current state, and should be mailed out today, once the mailing list has been updated.


Henry to mail the Finance Office about Animesoc getting consistently loads of money. Compsoc is considering buying a UPS and possibly another switch.


Signups to go live on Saturday at 12pm. There should be a note in the newsletter advertising the LAN, and saying that there is a booking for another room pending (so plenty of space available). Chris to continue bugging the right people about power limit for LIB2. If both rooms are used, exec to be spread evenly over both. No guests at the first LAN to give maximum opportunity to first years. Also advertise the LAN at the first social.


Compsoc will not be running any kind of organised trip to this as not many people are going, so make your own arrangements if you are.

Academia + OSP

James to book meeting room once he gets a finance card. Henry to try to get aforementioned finance card. Several people at the FF offered to give talks, and hopefully we can get Salmon/Smith/Staines to give talks on stuff. Prod Phil to write his promised revision guide.