Minnits - 30 September 2002

Mon 30 Sep Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minnits

30 September 2002



The LUG are to have a seat on the exec, which will be filled by Tom Edwards. Dave to mail him to explain that exec meetings have started, his contribution would be welcomed etc. The LUG will also be given the opportunity to have a page in the booklet (the one available at the Freshers Fayre) and can share our space at the FF. Any contribution they make to the booklet would have to be finished by Wednesday night.

Freshers Fayre

We will have a backboard on which we can display similar stuff to previous years. We also hope to have a flatscreen monitor driven by James’s laptop, displaying cool stuff to get people interested. The precise content for this will need to discussed when we next meet. All exec members should come and help on the day, when they don’t have lectures. Any other society members are welcome to come along and make the place look busy.

Warwickpiazza and Molotov2

Dave to mail Phil and get him to explain the current position with these. (Alternatively, if Phil reads this, he could simply mail the exec and explain what is going on about warwickpiazza and Molotov2.)

Membership cards/booklets

These need to be printed in ITS. James Ross to print 150 of these, and get a receipt so that he can be reimbursed. Wallets need to be bought from the Student Shop, but first we need to get the new finance cards. Dave to mail exec to get this organised. Fade to look at last years booklet and make necessary changes to make it up-to-date. This to include a new OSP, and our position as regards warwickpiazza. The booklets to be printed in DCS.


ITS-019 is now a unix room, and ITS-011 is currently closed. ITS-018 has PCs in and is thus the only room that we could use for gaming. Phil to e-mail Rachel Parkins and get confirmation of which room/s we are meant to use.

Future Meetings

James Ross to gather timetables of year 2/3 Comp Sci and year 3/4 Maths so we can organise a regular meeting time. The exec also needs to meet once more before the Freshers Fayre. Since this is presumably at the start of next week, we can provisionally aim to meet on Friday at 6pm at the H/Fade/etc. house.


Chris to badger the appropriate personnel until they give him the precise power requirements for the LIB rooms. We plan to hold 2 LANs this term, the first one from Sat. morning to Sunday evening at the end of week 3. This to be booked (in LIB2) by Tom. We also plan to hold karting event around about week 7, possibly in conenction with animesoc. Tom to find out about this event too.


James Ross to write an introductory web page explaining what the society does, how to do stuff like set up 107 accounts etc. This page also to include a questionaire so that we can find out what people want from the society.