Newsletter for 21 June 2002

Fri 21 Jun Newsletter

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Newsletter for 21 June 2002

CompSoc Newsletter

Hi All,

Welcome to the final Compsoc newsletter this year. We hope your exams all went well; for those of you who are leaving this year, good luck in The Real World ™ - we’ll be thinking of you over a pint! And to everyone else, hope you’ve enjoyed the year, and here’s to the next few!

If anyone has any comments on Compsoc… have we satisfied your needs? Would you like us to change direction? - then please let us know. We’re here for you - if we’re not doing things right, tell us and we’ll fix it!

With nary a week left on the academic calendar, Compsoc have two events still to run.


This weekend sees the annual Compsoc Barbecue which, as anyone in attendance last year will remember, is always full of fun, frolics, and kerosene.

The barbecue is booked for Sunday 23rd June, so if you’d like to be making your way down to the lake for 5:00pm (to eat by 6), then you can join in the party. Bring your own beer and food!

The site we’re using is by a bridge and the lake, about 50 yards from some monkey bars. As a rough guide, walk down Health Centre Road, and then you’re virtually on top of it.


The veritable climax to the Compsoc Calendar, the Big Lan is taking place well, basically the whole of week 10.

The pre-lan warmup starts on Monday 24 June at 2pm in Lib2; places for this are all gone, so if you’re booked then please make sure you come!

The BFL itself starts at 8pm the following day. For this, we shall be taking over both Lib1 and Lib2, for some complete multiplayer mania. If you came to the pre-lan then you may well be shuffled about, so don’t get too comfy :)

We still have places available for the BFL - if you, or any of your mates, want to come along, then sign up (or let us know), and have a piece of the action. Games will probably range from Warcraft3 and Starcraft to Quake3, JK2 and UT, with some Grand Prix and Rally action thrown in for fun :)

As some of you may have heard, Compsoc have recently obtained a second server; this will be used, next year, as a central point for both on and off campus gaming. In addition, since the BFL is FB, we’ve also had to purchase a shiny new switch, at great expense. To help fund the society’s new purchases an entry fee will be collected at the BFL. It will cost 2.50 for members, and 5 for guests. That’s not bad for 78 hours of gaming!

So then, to recap:

Warmup: Monday 2pm - Tuesday 8pm, Lib2
BFL: Tuesday 8pm - Thursday 8pm, Lib1 AND Lib2
50 members / 5 non-members

That’s about it for now. We hope to see you some time next week… but otherwise, have a great summer!

-- H

President, The University of Warwick Computing Society