Molotov State

Fri 14 Jun News Item

At about 8pm last night (Thursday, 13th) there was a momentary power outage that affected most of campus, including our server Molotov. While Molotov booted up ok after the power came back, it failed to correctly talk to the network, rendering it useless. At about 11:20am today (Friday) James Ross, Mike Smith and Robert Stacey attempted to get Molotov up and working.

While Molotov is now on-line and running (3pm Friday), it's not in an ideal configuration, and is only running a limited number of services (HTTP, FTP, SSH, Tomcat, IRC). Hopefully we will have the full set of services running by Monday, but this may involve taking Molotov down some more. We appologise for any inconvenience caused by this.

Update: After some work by Phil Stoneman, Molotov was back to a fully working state at 6pm Friday. All services should be up and running now.

Edited by James Ross on 2002-06-15 12:29:51.