Minnits - 13 May 2002

Thu 13 Jun Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minnits

13 May 2002



This is now hosting the Ceilidh (or whatever) website and e-mail. Once molotov2 comes online, 107’s function is to remain the same (minus the game servers it is currently running). Phil to remove distributed.net from 107 to reduce its load. Phil to set up pe0ns@ e-mail. Phil to play with the appropriate script to remove incoming junkmail.


Despite suggestions of ‘cocktail’ or ‘blob’, there will a competition amongst compsoc members as to the name of the second compsoc server. Entries are to be by e-mail to the exec, and Dave to put this into the newsletter. The current list of stuff we have for molotov2 is as follows: case and network card (Chrispy); chip, motherboard and graphics cards (Fade); power supply (Sariel); memory (H); hard disk (Phil, Chrispy and H all possibles). The plan is to give all the stuff to Phil as soon as we can to have everything together in the same place, ready to put together. Once up and running, molotov2 will run the game servers and a backup of the website.


As stated previously, they have agreed to our demands and we have to remember to get back to them at the very beginning of next term. There was some discussion of producing a webpage giving details of our game servers etc., to which there would be a link on warwickpiazza, so James to do this. On a different note, apparently warwickpiazza have acquired a 320GB network hard disk thingy for student use, which we may be asked to admin. Chris: “I think we should offer them sexual favours as long as we get the 320GB out of them”


Apparently Coventry LUG are thinking about maybe starting to get their act together and actually doing something. They have plans to meet, probably at the Whitefriars pub (somewhere in inner Cov). Henry to attend once Jake confirms the time and place. Dave to put info about them in the newsletter, including their irc channel.

Chris volunteered to run any Q3A/SC/UT tourneys at the BFL, Jake also volunteered to run any UT tourney. Chris still to find the power limit for the LIB-rooms. We agreed to buy the 24-port switch being offered by OEM Redstore, Chris to order it.


These accounts have been moved to being the onion’s responsibility, which is fine as regards the suada account. However, the suahu account needs to be with ITS in order for us to run gaming sessions somewhere other than Union North. As it stands, the suahu account remains with ITS until October 14th, after which we would be game-session-less. Hence we have asked Ian Brown (onion IT bloke) to ask ITS to continue the suahu account. Henry to mail ITS requesting same and generally ask them what the hell is going on. Also ask them to transfer ownership of the account to him.


We are running a trip to this event. Currently Chrispy, Cyphus, Rellik and Fade are down to go. Details to be put in the newsletter by Dave.


This is now unlikely to be held on Saturday of week 9. James to look into exam times for CS and Maths in weeks 8 & 9 so that we can propose a different time for this event. Henry to replace missing charcoal briquettes (cough, cough). H to buy packyderm for BBQing purposes (Goddamnit, this is what happens when somebody else gets hold of The Pad of Doom)