Minnits - 6 May 2002

Thu 06 Jun Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minnits

6 May 2002


The meeting was commenced with the ritual handover of monies to Phil for the replacement of 107’s power supply. Although Henry did forget to bring the money and hence still owes Phil ?5.


Lots of games were played, including JK2, Dungeonsiege, Q3A etc. Chrispy agreed to try to track down the power limit for LIB2, and the number of signups will be kept the same at least until then.


We decided that, as this year when LANs moved from being 1 day/overnight to being all weekend, in the future we want to try to move towards having all LANs of this size, to allow for greater numbers of signups. There was some discussion of using the wall sockets in the LIB-rooms but this could be tricky as the university probably wouldn’t approve and there would be security issues as well. As previously discussed, a rota will be drawn up for exec sleeping patterns over the course of the LAN (covering both rooms). This to ensure that both rooms are attended at all times. We also plan to run several (probably 2) tourneys at this event, so attendees should vote on which games these should be (Dave to put in the next newsletter). Prior to this event the society needs to buy a switch/switches: Chrispy to investigate the prices of 8/16/24 port switches. Compsoc also to hire a Jedi Knight for this LAN.


Phil is planning to reinstall this over the summer hols, obviously minimising the down time. This should be restricted to a couple of days, and it WILL of course be up for the start of next term.


Hence forth to be known as Blob (108 - geddit?). Various exec members have bits. In particular, Chrispy has case and network card, Fade has P3 500 chip&board and graphics card. Thus if we can ‘persuade’ H to part with some of his vast quantities of memory we only require a hard disk. Phil has enquired and ITS would be willing to host Blob, although there would likely be some strings attached in the form of limited access to the server. Blob likely to be run mainly as a gaems server but probably with a backup of the website on it for emergencies.


Phil has spoken to warwickpizza and they are willing to advertise our game servers. We need to follow up on this to ensure that the advertising is in place for when the pe0ns start next term.

Next Compsoc Exec Meeting

City Arms, Monday at 1pm. To be followed by the handover of the old exec to the new exec at union north.

Thought for the day

Never argue with a fool, people might not know the difference

A draft newsletter should follow tomorrow.