Minnits - 3 June 2002

Mon 03 Jun Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minnits

3 June 2002



We are missing a fan promised by Chrispy, and a motherboard and CPU from Fade. Phil to put Molotov2 together by week 9/10 (or during Summer holidays). The naming competition is still in progress.


Is lame for not turning up to this meeting.


Still no response from Rachel Parkins.

LIB power etc.

Chrispy is lame again as we have not heard from him about this or the switch. Dave to talk to him.


Fade to write a sleeping rota and mail it to the mailing list.


A LUG group has formed and had planned to form a new society starting next year. They were asked if they would like to become a part of our society and have agreed subject to a number of demands:

It was broadly agreed that these were fairly reasonable, and Phil would meet their ringleader (T. Edwards) in DCS on Wednesday 5th


“Never try to do anything at an exec meeting because it won’t get done” - AB. Jake to re-write the constitution.


Phil is still talking to ITS about the .computing newsgroup. He should get a NNTP basic server set up when possible. James to do the web interace for these. There was also talk of an article database, where articles would be submit through a web interface (another job for James) to different categories etc. The database would be useful for general academic stuff and prove that we DO actually do academic stuff (not just talk about it). There was also some talk of doing Q & A sessions focussing on course-related stuff. These would be best held just before major coursework or exam time. We could also try and provide a (second-hand) bookshop service.


As things stand, piazza would be a good place to advertise on. Henry also to do talks in Comp. Sci., Maths, Engineering and Physics lectures at the start of next term. We shold print around 150 of the usual introductory booklets that we do, and put up posters around campus to raise awareness of the society.


Henry to reply to the Molzi guys asking for more details. Henry to also find out about sponsorship prices from the Union. There was talk of having companies come and talk about careers stuff, e.g. Chris Salmon’s company. We should try talking to IBM and people like Mike Collishaw and Mike Squire about this.