Tue 07 May News Item

Well, s7 has been and gone, and there was one hell of a lot of ~womm~ing going on... and not just in JK! Expect some good pictures later. While JK2 was certainly the main attraction, other games were played - most notably Dungeon Siege - although there was also lots of Operation Flashpoint action, along with Unreal Tournament, Quake 3, Starcraft and even a bit of Grand Prix 3 and Rollcage.

Now, if you couldn't make s7, or just want even more LANage, watch out for the BFL comming up during week 10... and, like last year, we're planning a BBQ for the weekend before the BFL - if you're interested, signup here.

Edited by James Ross on 2002-05-07 18:42:19.