Minnits - 29 April 2002

Mon 29 Apr Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minnits

29 April 2002


Space on H: drive

With the space of the suahu H: drive down to less than 100MB it was agreed that decisive action would be taken and that half-life would be summarily executed….errr deleted from the drive. See item below for details. This fact to be put in the next newsletter.


We agreed to add 1 more signup to the list to account for James Ross’s laptop, bringing the total to 19 (I think). Notices are to be put on the doors to LIB2 (saying that the rooms are in use by Compsoc) to (help) prevent random strangers from wandering in.
To pay for the unfortunate demise of 107’s PSU we will be asking for a VOLUNTARY contribution from all attendees, in the region of £1.50. The added incentive is that the member giving the largest donation gets the honour of being the one to delete half-life (see above)

Room bookings

We must take care in the future that ALL of the rooms that we book actually get used. In particular, if we book an extra room for sleeping in there should be a sign on the door specifically stating this.


Several members of the current/former exec are going to both this and I12 so it will be put in the next newsletter and an item should be put on the website too.

Impact training courses

Wednesday May 9th: Sponsorship. It would be nice if somebody went to this but I doubt that anybody can be arsed so nevermind.
Tuesday May 15th: Managing your money. Chris Fanning to attend.
Tuesday May 15th: Equal Opportunities. Adam Bowen to attend.
Thursday May 8th: Publicity. Chris Fanning to attend.
In all cases it is the responsibility of the attendee to ensure that they attend the right course at the right time, and that they are registered for it.

Console society

Dave to send an e-mail to them, saying that we are interested. Find out where, when and what to be played and request a return match on appropriate PC games. Jake to supply their e-mail address.

Exec meeting time

As agreed by the exec-members present, this has now been moved to 1:00pm on Monday, still in the City Arms.


Phil to upgrade CVS to v1.1. There followed long discussion on the cool possibilities offered by an NNTP server, so this to be looked into. Somebody remembered that Phil had agreed to write a series of articles/FAQs on things to do with 107, so progress report on this at next meeting.


The numerous posters dotted around campus advertising such delights as HTML tutorials from 2 years ago should probably be removed, as they make the society look outdated. If anybody sees them they should just take them down.

Exec handover

After next week’s exec meeting, all 2002/2003 exec members to go on to campus to sign the necessary form/s. Ritual passing on of the finance cards to take place then, with James Ross not needing to be named on them (but probably everybody else).


There are provisional plans for a Compsoc barbecue on the weekend of week 9, weather- and exam-permitting. Laserquest was briefly discussed but it was decided that it wouldn’t be feasible this term.

Member e-mail

It was decided that in future we should use pe0ns@warwickcompsoc.co.uk to mail out all future newsletters etc. So this needs to be set up at the appropriate time.


There was considerable discussion on how to raise the profile of the society and generate more interest in society events and ITS gaming in particular. Phil has been assigned to talk to an appropriate representative of warwickpizza, with a few to getting 107 endorsed as a game server, and thus hopefully generate more interest in gaming nights.


There was discussion on the possibility of having a members-only section of the website with past papers and answers for CS courses. Dave to look in SRC for such material. Phil to think about writing the CS123 guide he vaguely promised a while ago.

Possibly even more humourless than usual, but then, I was tired so that’s my excuse.

The Secretary of Doom