Newsletter for 23 April 2002

Tue 23 Apr Newsletter

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Newsletter for 23 April 2002

CompSoc Newsletter

Hello everybody, welcome to another newsletter from your friendly neighbourhood Computing Society and the first from your new secretary. If it’s a hectic start to the third term for you then kick back and relax for a few minutes while you read this:

  1. s7
  2. Big LAN
  3. Edinburgh Gamesoc
  4. Oxford Brookes Gamesoc
  5. Passwords for our website


That’s right, the seventh in our line of sleep-reduction therapies that are our LANs is coming up soon, and the sign-ups will open on Wednesday at 12:00pm. It will be in LIB2, starting at 8:00pm on Friday of week 2 and finishing at 10:00pm on the Sunday, it offers countless (well, 50 anyway) hours of fun and fragging for those prepared to attend.

2.Big LAN

Not content with this we are planning an even BIGGER LAN at the end of the term. So large that we’ve booked two rooms (LIB1 and LIB2) this one will last from 2:00pm on Monday of week 10 until 2:00pm Thursday in LIB2, andfrom 8:00pm Tuesday until 2:00pm Thursday in LIB1. So if you want to go the distance for the whole 72 hours or go home to sleep in your own bed, there’s ample time to do either. The sign-ups for this aren’t open yet but if you’re interested you should definitely make a date in your diary for some serious entertainment!

3.Edinburgh Gamesoc

We’ve been in contact with some nice chaps from Edinburgh who are on the look out for people to include in the new Counterstrike clan they are setting up. So if you think that you can cut the mustard let us know or contact ‘CLeaner’ at explaining that you’re from Warwick Compsoc and are interested in joining their Counterstrike clan.

4.Oxford Brookes Gamesoc

Some other nice chaps from Oxford Brookes have invited us to their LAN party. It is being held next weekend so you’ll have to be quick, but they can be contacted at, and their website is at

5.Passwords for our website

Our website has recently switched over to being password driven, which should explain the e-mail you (hopefully) received a few days ago. This password will allow you to sign up for our social events and all kinds of other funky stuff. Please note that this is an entirely new password and does not change any passwords that you have already been given. Hopefully that clears up any confusion.

That’s it from me for now and remember that if you have any questions just drop us an e-mail at We’ll be glad to hear from you.

-- David de la Motte

The University of Warwick Computing Society