Fun, Games and Security

Fri 08 Mar News Item

Our open source project, Lightbikes 3D is progressing very nicely at the moment, and while it may be hard for coders to join the team at this stage, we would welcome anyone interested in developing levels, playtesting, etc. - just ask on #lb3d on our IRC server.

As you may well be aware, security is a big concern for any publicly visible server, such as Molotov, and our new technical "dude", Phil Stoneman, has been keeping Molotov up to date with all the latest security relases for Linux. However, we would still like to remind people that if you do find out about a possible security problem, we would welcome your help in informing us of it, so as to keep our server and your server as secure as possible. Remember, if you have a Molotov account, this concerns you directly.