Minnits - 11 February 2002

Mon 11 Feb Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minnits

11 February 2002


1. s6

Nutsy chased and chased and eventually Room Bookings got around to handing us confirmation; s6 is go for Lib2.

The Quake3 tourney will start at 10:00am on Saturday morning. This will help get it out of the way quicker.

1.1 AGM

The AGM will start at 5:00. Members may raise issues with us beforehand, and we will discuss these issues at the AGM. We’re not, however, obliged to decide on anything there and then, because that would be daft.

1.2 The New Exec

The newly exlect exec will be invited to the meeting on Monday of week 18; this is entirely optional. They must, however, attend on the meeting during week 19; this will be so that we can teach them our 1337 3x3c sk11lz. The following week (being the last one of the term), they’ll come in an actively take over. Old Exec to come along and prod. From week 21 onwards, Compsoc will be solely run by the new exec; old exec members are, as always, free to come ot the meetings.

2. Big Lan

What to call it?

Options are:

  1. The Final Frag
  2. FBL (Fcking Big LAN)
  3. BFL (Big Fscking LAN)
  4. LAN

A vote was held; options 1 and 2 tied, but in the end we went for option three - “BFL”.

Nutsy to book it for Week 30. Hopefully we can get Lib1 and Lib2 and hang CAT5 cable between the windows. Either that or we can use Alexis’ wireless netwrock.

3. CAT5

Alexis’ Dad doesn’t want any.

Jevan does.

Cable has been bought from H’s pocket, and we will make this up.

4. Server

4.1 Quota

Quotas aren’t fixed. Tom to sort. This may be a problem with the kernel.

4.2 PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL to be put on in addition to MySQL. Tom to attempt to install PostgreSQL while valiantly attmepting to stop MySQL from attacking it.

5. S.Salah

This dude has mailed us asking why we’ve not replied to his e-mails. The slight flaw here is that we have. His domain wasn’t resolvable, and so H to mail him at CSV with a reply. As we’re feeling exceptionally generous, we’ll offer him a discount for this year.

“This is supposed to be an exec meeting, not a ‘Who can say the most meaningless thing’ competition.”

“Sorry, I don’t use spout.”

6. BBQ

Will be had.

7. Academia

As Jake and Chris Smith have argued feverently on IRC, the society doesn’t do enough academic stuff. So what can we do? Suggestions on a postcard please. Current entries are…

Tom to sort out a LUG

8. OSP

Chris Smith’s overwhelming impression of the OSP is that it’s too small, too much of a close-knit group. For new people, this makes it as easy to join as it would be to stop Jake from liking mecha.

James Ross reckoned this wasn’t so - Level creators, sound artists, playtesters are still needed.

The next OSP will be something nice and easy - the next exec to decide.

9. LUG

To register:

We can also register with lug.org, and get a subdomain from there; Tom can set up a majordormo list, and everything can be fine and dandy. H to mail other LUGs asking for info.

10. Starcraft

We’ve had some contact with GameSoc a while back - but nothing since. Nutsy and Chris Smith to try and sort out StarCraft over the Internet, so we can play GS.