Minnits - 3 February 2002

Mon 04 Feb Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minnits

3 February 2002


1. s6

So far, we’ve still to have confirmation from Room Bookings about s6. Nutsy to chase them up.

Concerns were raised about the security aspect of the room. It is, however, surrounded by curtains, so these may be closed in order to give some semblence of protection.

All people who are not playing multiplayer games will be politely asked to leave. This is to maximise game time.


Voting will take place via paper slips. The AGM to start at 5:00pm, with the voting commencing at half past the hour, on Saturday. The cutoff for nominations will be Thursday, mid-day.


After the humongous cock-up that was the signup fiasco for s6, we now have a list full of people when it shouldn’t be. H to mail the list asking people to cancel if they’re not going to come along to the LAN.

If future, we’ll open signups two weeks before the event.

Another issue of contention WRT this LAN is that we were asked by Chris Fanning if two of his friends from home could attend, each paying a tenner. A vote was held, the three choices being:

  1. Yes, irrefutable entrance this time.
  2. Friends to be added to the bottom of the signup list.
  3. No, no entry.

The votes recorded were 0, 4 and 3, and the motion that they be added to the foot of the signup list was carried.

In future, we will allow guests to sign up one week in advance of the event; this gives members a better opportunity. James Ross to create a ‘Guest’ web account to facilitate this.

2. BFL / The Final Frag

Since we’ve had a lot of contention with this LAN, the exec have decided to hold a moderately-large LAN during Week 30. JR to put up a preliminary signups in order to guage numbers; this will be non-commital on either party.

Nutsy to book.

3. Budget

Nothing’s happened yet - no forms filled.

Alexis has investigated UPSs. An APC UPS will cost £75, and will have USB control. He’s looked into Linux compatibility, and it looks OK. The UPS is capable of running a machine on half load for 21 minutes, which should give ample time to shut down.

4. CAT5

The CAT5 business is finally in the black - with £5 left over - and has already taken over 100m in pre-orders. Henry to buy a crimping tool and 300m of CAT5 cable. The currently used crimping tool to be returned to Nick, and the new one to be claimed back from the Union.

5. Molotov

Molotov currently has many many passwords, almost all of which are the same password. These need to be sorted.

H to organise the changing of the passwords

6. Shop

The shop is back! Current problems include:

7. Academia

By this time, everyone was bored and fed up with the meeting and so decided to sod the rest of it and come back next week.

Everyone to write a revision guide if they feel like it.