Minnits - 28 January 2002

Mon 28 Jan Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minnits

28 January 2002


1. s5

The overall impression of s5 was that it was a good LAN. The main critisism was that the Q3A tourney should have been run earlier, as people lost interest and the tourney ended up fizzling out.

We also borrowed the Anime projector. Depsite the valiant efforts of Jake and James to get the thing up and running, we never actually used the thing. Part of the problem we had was the lack of space; the projector needs a space assigned at the beginning of the LAN to avoid this problem.

We played loads of games (well, duh). Q3 probably dominated (to the chagrin of many). Three new faces appeared, however. The first was Diablo 2, which got a little multiplaying. The second was Aliens vs Predator 2 - which, according to Game Guru Jingly, “R0x0r5”. The final LAN debut was for Return to Castle Wolfenstein, which saw a 14-player team game, and was great.

2. s6

Nutsy replied to the mail saying “We’d like LIB2 please”, but has received no confirmation. Nutsy to chase up. We’ll book the room from Friday at 6:00 until Sunday at 10:00, and the signup limit will be eighteen.

One idea we toyed with is that of scheduled games - for example, Starcraft at 6, RTCW at 10. The Q3A Tourney definitely to be scheduled.

3. Budget

Essentially there are three forms that must be filled. These are:

  1. Capital Budget - for uber purchases
  2. Expected spending
  3. Expected income.

The crux of the matter is that if the expected spending does not exceed the expected income then we get no money, as we have been written of for capital budged purposes.

So then, what do we need?

  1. Booklets: £45
  2. Membership cards: £30
  3. Posters: £25
  4. CAT5: £75
  5. Crimpers £20
  6. RAID HD £100

That comes to £295. Alexis to look into the cost of a UPS.

4. SSDO Mail

The SSDO wants us to get in touch, so we can do something for societies week. He wants us to invite some companies down to do a jobs fayre, basically, and has told us that a form letter will be in our pigeon hole by Monday. Below is a list of companies we might like to invite.

5. Molotov

Personal Webspace

We’ve changed the rates. Again.

|** Space (MB) ** Cost per 10 MB (£)
||| 10-50 || 2.50
||| 60-100 || 2.00
||| 100+ || 1.50

So, for example, 60MB of space would be:

  1. * £2.50 + 1 * £2 = £14.50

Which is cheaper than 33m of CAT5 cable.

Terms of Service

Additional items:

Toaster will be nominated official Terms Of Service Administrator (“TOSA”).


Tom to book 15 non-exclusive places at LQ.