Minnits - 21 January 2002

Mon 21 Jan Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minnits

21 January 2002


1. Molotov

Terms of Service

This week, Jake drew up the initial Terms of Service. James passed them around and the exec laughed at every point before deciding that they were very good, and that only a few modifications were needed. These were:


We’ve had a mail asking if we would willingly be an SMTP relay server. We see no problems with this, apart from the obvious abuse aspect. Tom Ward to set up an ‘abuse’ alias, and check orbs for us being on a blacklist. Tom to mail Matt Bergin and sort this out.


Quotas aren’t working. Tom to sort.



James ot put the minnits page back up at some point, along with the Newsletters. H to write minnits and NLs in CPS from now on. And we’re all to thik of a new anacronym for ‘CNT’, because it sounds rude.

Signups Cutoff

Despite saying it was impossible to do, and not even Larry Wall could manage to fix his Perl script, James added the signup cuttofs in approximately ten minutes.


Tom has tried to get in contact with the other student’s society about the Friday night of s5, but failed miserable, and thus we shall be starting on Saturday morning at 10:00am.


Tom to book for the end of week seven. This he has done; we tried for LIB1, but couldn’t get it; we’ve got the choice of B213/214 (again), or LIB2.

Mouldy Stockings

Jake went to see John Finnis. He wasn’t in. Jake went to see John Finnis again, half an hour later. He still wasn’t in. Neither was Anne Jarvis, and so we haven’t been able to make our excuses yet. Jake to keep trying.


Tom hasn’t done anything becuase we’ve not got numbers. James to put up signups.