Newsletter for 17 January 2002

Thu 17 Jan Newsletter

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Newsletter for 17 Jan 2002

Compsoc Newsletter Vol IV

  1. s5
  2. i10
  3. molotov
  4. AGM
  5. Inter-Uni Quake 3
  6. Laserquest
  7. CAT5

Hi all, and welcome to another year. I hope you’ve had a good Christmas - and not too many mince pies!

I apologise for the delay in bringing you this newsletter, but we’ve been working hard to fill it with cool stuff, including news of not one, but two LAN parties!

1. s5

“The Fellowship came to a rest. Before them stood two huge figures, each with an arm extended to warn away intruders. They had come so far; over dale, under hill, through mines and mountains, their burden becoming a physical presence now, instead of the simple potential it had represented.
For however much power they wield, AthlonXP machines are not weightless. The time would soon come though. Soon they would be there, and the battle would begin. The battle of five armies and games. Which would come out on top? They would know. They would be there. As Fadeo and Jimgli approached with excitement. s5 was almost upon them.”

To the great chorus of ‘woots’ all around, I’m pleased to announce the next in our s-series of LANs: s5. This event is to be held on the weekend at the end of Week 3, and will be from Saturday 10am until to Sunday, 10pm at the very least. Further details will follow as we receive them.

Signup by visiting, and clicking the ‘Socials’ link; spaces are limited, and if you do not sign up then you cannot be guaranteed a place!

s5 - end of week 3. Gentlemen, mark your diaries.

2. i10

If s5 wasn’t good enough, we’ve got another LAN to announce too! i10, the tenth in the Insomnia series hosted by Multiplay UK is to be held over the Easter holidays - that’s 29 March 2002 - 01 April 2002, and will host a massive 1000 people!

The price is UKP 70, or UKP 5 per day spectating - but who’d want to do that? For those who have attended 4 i-series LANs there will be 10% discount; if you’ve seen 8 of them then you probably won’t need me to tell you that there is a 20% discount available.

Compsoc will be attending i10.
Our Area: Quake 3 Arena
Our Tag: [UoW]

Please don’t forget the brackets on the tag - they don’t add them automatically and you won’t end up sat with us!

Being in the Q3 area doesn’t mean that you play nothing but Q3A - far from it! It’s just a convenient place for us to sit together.

Signups are now available, so I’d recommend anyone interested in i10 to head over to and have a look. They’re always a blast.

i10 - 29 March -> 1 April - UKP 70 -

3. molotov

It’s up!

Those of you who have been patiently waiting, molotov, the Compsoc server, is now configured and accepting user accounts. This will give you shell access, HTTP, PHP, Perl, ftp, DNS and 10MB of space, all for free. Additional space may be purchased at the reasonable rate of Î’&£5 per extra 20MB. Sign up for your shell account now by visiting

In addition to member’s accounts, molotov is also running an IRC server. Most people can be found in #compsoc - if your browser supports it, click this link! irc:// Compsoc’s IRC server is an ideal place to meet up to arrange games, either on molotov or over the campus network.

Quake3 is up too - albeit on a different port. Due to Union restrictions, we’ve had to run it on the Counterstrike port - 27015. Join now for high-speed fragging!

Molotov -, - NOW!

4. AGM

At last! We get to retire!

Ah, let me start that again… ;-)

It’s coming around to that time of year when the old exec will hang up their notepads and flat caps, and give way to a new set of dictators, complete with PDAs and hawaiian shirts.

The AGM will be held during s6 - later this term - and we’d like nominations please.

Positions required are:

If you (or any of your friends) thinks they could fill one of these positions, please e-mail letting us know. This is a great opportunity to enhance one’s CV, and it’s also a whole load of fun. Plus, you get to know when events are, when they’re decided!

5. Inter-UNI Quake3

For those who don’t read the newsgroup (uwarwick.societies.computing):

It’s an inter-university Q3A tournament, which Compsoc would like to enter. However, we need players! If you’re hot with a rail or slick with the LG, head on over to the NG and get chatting. What we want to know:

The event will probably take place towards the back end of this term; more information as we get it.

6. Laserquest

The termly Laserquest visit will be on Wednesday of Week 5 - that’s the 6th of February. We’ll be going in the afternoon and the cost will be around about a fiver. Signups will be there soon, so head on over to the socials page and put your name down!

Laserquest - 6 Feb (W5), &£5

7. CAT5

We are still selling lengths of the finest CAT5 known to man - all at a very cheap price.

Prices are:

e.g. 20m would cost you:
+ &£5.00
+ &£4.00
= &£9.50

which is a bargain by anyone’s books!

Mail with your requests, and we’ll sort you out ASAP.

Anyways, that’s it for this newsletter. Have a load of fun, and we hope to see you at a social event soon!

-- H

Secretary, University of Warwick Computing Society