Minnits - 14 January 2002

Mon 14 Jan Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minnits

14 January 2002




s5 has been booked for Week 3. Because Room Bookings are lame, we can’t have Friday night. Tom will mail both Room Bookings and the society who have already booked them room, to see what time they finish. If it’s a reasonable time then we’ll maybe start as soon as they finish.


Week 8, 50 hours, 8pm Friday - 10pm Sunday. With the AGM in the middle.

James likes Tomatoes. This has been minnited at the request of Chris ‘Jingly Jingles’ Smith.

After the elections, the old and new exec will take everyone on at Q3:TA. Just to prove how leet they’re gonna be.


Signups are finally available for this finest-of-LANs-apart-from-ours. It’s on for four days at easter, and the Uber-L337en will be going.


“Oh, fuck Laserquest, it’s too much effort”

“Yeah, running around in the dark with small children. yay!”


Wednesday, Week 5, in the afternoon. ’Nuff said.


The website is almost re-built.

What’s missing:

And yes, this does mean that the signups are back on the website.


We missed the meeting because it was at a lousy time. H to mail John Finnis saying a whole bunch of stuff, and Compsoc to probably not take part.


We need some posters.


“It’s more fun than FORTRAN”
SS pun

Jake to find some ideas behind the fridge.


“I should have been quoted.”

“I still reckon we should have a picture of someone sux0ring.”

“Stop being quotable!”

Jake to do some posters.

Past Members

Chris, about to leave the University, is getting rather worried about his lack-to-be of access to Molotov. He wants us to make some solid arrangements for ex-members. To this end, we have decided the following.


An archive of members will be kept on the website, for people to sign up to if they wish.

James Ross to organise.

Server Accounts

Old exec members will keep their accounts for free.

Old members will be charged a standard £5 fee for an account.

We will also add a new item to our services. For £20, a person will be able to buy a life membership. This will entitle them to all the benifits that a member would recieve, for life.


The following should be added to the constitution:

Jake and Henry to think about it and exclude those entries which are blatantly stupid.


H found a new affiliate in cd-wow.com, and Jake one in Black Star. To be signed up.

Tom has received £31 from the lovely people at Amazon. He’s going to give this to Jake, who will take it as re-payment on the CAT5 loan.