Minnits - 9 January 2002

Wed 09 Jan Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minnits

9 January 2002


Meeting Time

Being the start of a brand spanking term, the Timetable Genie has decided to be a little swine and shuffled everyone’s free seconds. The largest group of seconds just so happened to land on 4:30 Monday afternoon, and so this is when the exec meetings will be henceforth.


We’ve got £102 left. Everyone has their cheques. Good good good.


Over the Christmas break, our uber-server, molotov, went down. After muchos investigaionos, Tom Ward pinned this down to Java being lame.

Essentially, Java (the Tomcat/Apache combo) used up a whole load of memory, and then the Linux kernel killed itself in shame.

It’s now back up, with Tomcat and Apache unlinked. Also, the Linux kernel has been updated. This fixes the bug previously mentioned.

“I only start listening when you insult me, so I miss all the build-up”

Other Society’s Accounts

Jitsu have requested an account - well, to be precise, Andy Rudnicki has. We decided that small accounts like this (i.e. simple website, e-mail forwarding) will be free, but that we will charge a whole load of money if the users will be utilising the site for commercial gain.

Societies Week

There’s an imaginatively titled “Socs Fest”[1] in Week 7. This sounds like the Societies Showcase, only bigger and longer.

There’s a meeting on Friday in the most inconvenient time in order to discuss said showcase. Toaster may have a gap[2] but this cannot be a regular thing.

It may be possible that we could co-operate with the Videogaming society.

Careers Book

We’ve got a bunch of careers books. To be distributed to members at will.


s5, the next Compsoc LAN will be Week 3, from 8pm Friday until 10pm Sunday. Nutsy to book. We’ll sit in the Quake 3 Area, and will be tagged ‘[UoW]’. Ah, wrong series…

The AGM will be held at the Week 8 LAN, which will follow the same format.

Resources Room

All the machines in the (haven’t-got-enough-)Resources Room have been downgraded to Windows 2000. In addition to this, Anne Jarvis has appeared to mutate into a Zerg, and her creep is growing rapidly. It now covers an entire wall of the room.

“Do you actually think forwards, Henry?”

Mozilla has been set up with a link to the mail system.


Like the moving of clouds, the passing of seasons, and the retreat of tides, all significant bodies must change. So it is that we come to Term2 and, with it, time to elect a new exec.

The AGM will be held in the Week 8 LAN. Nominations will be taken from the date of the next newsletter.

The current executive committee, without being at all biased, will throw its full support behind the following candidates, should they choose to stand.

This leaves a hole for Tech Officer and Equal Opportunites. Equiopps isn’t so important, as VP can cover this if necessary. Tech Dude, however, is. There are members of the exec who would be able to fill in for a time, but it is imperative that we appoint a Technical Officer on a full-time [unpaid] basis.

  1. Go on, imagine it. I dare you.

  2. In the end it turns out that he didn’t.