Minnits - 14 November 2001

Wed 14 Nov Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minnits

14 November 2001


“We are not having elephants.”

“I don’t know; it’s been a while since it was bought up, we could at least discuss it.”


Molotov is now installed in the Onion. Sadly, it’s not on a UPS, but atleast it’s now in.

Compsoc will do the maintainence for the server.

Tom to see Ian Brown with regards to:

So the, with our fantastic server installed, what are we going to tell our members? We’ll tell them about the IRC and Quake3 servers.

Chris Smith to mail Tom Ward with what he wants from the server.


Chris Smith to go and pester the room-bookings people.

Campus League

While a Campus League would be a really cool thing, we’ll start off with just random matches. The general theme will for people to be in the IRC servers from 10:00 most nights. We’ll grab a whole bunch of channels for each game.


Motorsport have grabbed week 8, so we’ll move to week 9. £10 deposits required from people.


Since no-one was interested, we’ll scrap the idea. This is a shame, as they could have been very cool; sadly it’s not feasible to produce clothes for a small number.


Chris Smith gave a receipt to Alexis for £195; he will pick up the cheque in a few days.


Chris Smith went to see John Finnis about our CB form, and was told:

“It would help if you used the union more.”

This is cheek; we use the union regularly for tutorials and Open Source. We would use them for LANs if they allowed us to book overnight.


The website is working fine on James’ machine. JR to FTP it up and put his funky Perl modules in /var/lib/perl.

The authentication is currently done on a 3-key basis: compsoc number, ITS login and university number. This will be replaced in due course with the cookie-based login that we had previously.


These will be 5:00 Mondays during weeks 9 and 10 in rooms 3 and 4.

Jake to do posters.


We’re doing quite well with CAT5 sales - but we won’t buy another roll just test. Dave Apthorpe is still “Busy”; Alexis to keep chasing.