Minnits - 31 October 2001

Wed 31 Oct Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minnits

31 October 2001


The exec meeting started with a 1024ms silence, to respect the passing of a dear friend. With the release of Windows XP, and the Win9x/ME line being finally phased out, the days of one of our greatest childhood friends are now past.


Campus Gaming League

An idea was mooted that, in the absence of inter-university gaming, we could start a Warwick Gaming League, with teams from around the university competing.

However, due to a lack of a server, this will be put on hold for now. To be discussed in IRC on Molotov when it is up.

“That sounds reasonable, I would concur with that decision”


Tom and Henry to go and speak to Chris Tilbury personally, as we have had no reply yet.

Tom’s Box

Basically, it needs to go back. Alexis to hopefully take it back sometime, as he lives in Leam and no-one else does. Apart from Tom.

Chrispy may take the box back if he’s feeling generous.


The LAN went well, however there were very few turnups. Many of the first years mailed in the last day cancelling their signup.

Jake to talk to Dave Capps and Ann Jarvis about borrowing Anime’s projector, because we’re not allowed to use the AV one, and we wouldn’t dream of disobeying Onion regs.

Signup Policy

Since the LAN was most disappointing, we’re going to alter our signup policy.

Those who DNA’d at the LAN will be put at the bottom of the signup list.

To un-signup for an event, one must do so two full days - 48hrs before the start of the event. Failure to do so will count against that person at the next event.

All Nighter

Aah yes. The All Nighter, the biggest Compsoc event of the year. Well, so far anyway.

This term’s FragFest will be held in Week 7 - Friday 16th of November at 8pm until Sunday 18th of November at 10pm. The exec to get there by 7 for setup.

Nutsy to book.

We’ll have the B-rooms: B21[2-4].

We will also run some tournies - Quake 3, Counter Strike and Starcraft to name but a few.

One option considered was to allow signups for one of the two weekend days; priority would be given to those attending the entire weekend.


We have none! We need some! Leet publicity skillz!

Jake to do posters.


We’ve been approached by the Photographic Society, offering their services as photographers for our event/s, as their members need practice. After this, we have the option (although are under no obligation) to buy some photos.

We’ll invite them to the All Nighter. Toaster to mail.


Karting, the past-time enjoyed by refined, calculated, experienced racing drivers and nutcases alike will be part of the Compsoc calendar.

We’ll got to the Coventry Speedway, as Henry’s been there before, and it’s a good place.

H to find out some details and ring up.

JR to put the details on the website.

To be booked provisionally for Wednesday Week 8 - 21 November.

CS Tournament

Continuing in the successful line of CS Tournies, we’re gonna have another one. All participants will be required to play on University machines, in ITS011/019.

To save admin time, the teams should be chosen beforehand if at all possible.

The cost will be free, provisionally. It will probably be hosted on Friday of Week 2.


We owe money. However, as Alexis wasn’t here we don’t have exact figures. However this is what leet bookkeeper in absentia H reckons:


Last week, Jake was mailed by the president of the Aber Compsoc, who was frustrated with the lack of response to his attempts to converse with other Compsocs.

They are organising online chats with Cool People, and have invited us to “attend”.

They’ve also badgered their Uni’s ITS to lift their firewall; as a result they can now play against us! Woo!

Jake to culture relationship.



Guest speaker Chris Salmon’s pulling power remained as effective as ever, and the JFC lecture was as well attended as a Kid America gig in Siberia. There were seven attendees. We think that many factors contributed to this, a major one being the publicity.

As a consequence, we’ll re-run the tutorial in Term 2.

Other Tutorials

The HTML tutorial will be done over two weeks, starting in Week 7, Mon/Tue at 5:00pm.

PHP in term 2.


Henry to mail that company with all the details.


We’ll try to get sponsorship.


We’re having a whole bunch of meetings to deal with a whole bunch of stuff on a whole bunch of dates. But not week 7 ’cos it’s the LAN :-)

Next meeting

Will be at 2:30 in the City Arms.