Minnits - 10 October 2001

Wed 10 Oct Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minnits

10 October 2001


Tech Dude

Following the complete list of nomination, we’ve decidede that Tom Ward will be our technical officer, with immediate effect.

Chris Fanning will be elevated to “LAN Dude”, in a non-executive capacity.


Terms and Conditions

These need writing. Jake to do them. They’ll basically include “Abide by ITS rules” and some other stuff that we can make up as we go along.

State Of

Molotov is currently up, and still using all of Tom Cropper’s hardware, save the hard disk.

We’ve also got Icecast, an mp3 streamer, with which it was suggested we could broadcast exec meetings.

“We could do competitions - ‘phone in when you hear Toaster Speak!”


This evening there is a Computer Fayre, so we’re gonna go down and spend some dosh.

We’ve got a limit of £200 to spend. We will buy a 40G hard disk, Duron 950, motherboard, RAM and a case. This will mean that we can give Tom Cropper his machine back.

Chris Smith will pay for it, because he has an elastic credit card. And then give his receipt to Alexis for Sorting.


The mySQL database has been set up with a whole bunch of permissions. The following ammendments are required:

Webmaster to be given full access on compsoc

Jake to sort.

Law Society

The Law Society have mailed us asking if we can do a website. Henry to mail LawSoc asking what they want, so that the exec can decide on a quote.

Fresher’s Fayre

  1. signups were taken on the day; this is low compared to last year.

We’ve had several messages from people asking if they can / how to join. Chris “J” Smith to reply to these.

All the member books etcetera to be taken to socials.


This weekend, everyone should go if they can. H to take the books and get some money.


The Union will refund any receipts we give them. No reply regarding Capital Budget form yet. Chris Smith to chase.

Equipment Form

We’re gonna hire out the barbeque.

Exec timing

  1. :00 for 2:30 every Wednesday. Just like this week!


James went and it lamed out. The £2.50 price of memberships now apparantly includes VAT. Therefore we potentially have only £2.13 per member to spend.

Alexis to complain about this.

First Social

The first social is in South Central at 7:00 on Tuesday the 16th. All the exec to turn up at around 6:15, apart from Jake who may turn up at 7:20.


Wednesday of week 4. Tom Cropper to book.


Weekend of Week 4. Tom Cropper to book.

We’ll go for 9AM-10PM. members to arrive at 10am, so the exec can grab all the good tables. Non-members to be charged £5.

  1. max signup limit.


I9, the next Uber-LAN is held in the middle of term. It’ll be noted on the site. The official Compsoc stance will be that it’s not a Compsoc event, but there may be lots of people from [UoW] going.


Jake and H to buy a drum, heads, and make a shedload of money. When costs have been recovered, the equipment will probably become Compsoc’s property.

Society Emphasis

At the Fresher’s Fayre, we had a lot of people asking whether we did anything other than play games. It has been decided that in future we will try and put more focus no the academic side of our society.



Matt Smith has a flyer from a company in Cambridge, who do polo shirts with logos etc for £10. They also do hooded hockey shirts etcetera.

Chris Smith to talk to Matt Smith about this.

Videogaming Society

Apparantly, the exec are a lot nicer this year. Jake is to investigate whether or not they’ve changed their name, and whether we can hook up with them for a couple of events maybe.