Minnits - 4 October 2001

Thu 04 Oct Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minnits

4 October 2001



Over the summer, we found out that we had been denied our capital budget request for a server. Chris Smith went to see Richard from the Finance Office, who is looking into this for us.

Chris to follow this up.


Our esteemed Technical Officer, Mr Tom Worley, isn’t with us this year. This means we need a new one[1].

We currently have two applicants: Tom Ward and Chris Fanning. Matthew Stewart-Smith may also be interested. Henry to speak to Matt about this to guage interest.

The exec will decide upon a technical officer within two weeks. In the meantime, Tom Ward will be brutally used, as he is conveniently close, for general Tech purposes.



Molotov, our wonderful Linux server, is currently deader than seventies sideburns. And, as noted above, we have no tech dude to fix it.

Henry will mail Tim Clark about retrieving our beloved server, and will get together with Tom Ward to fix this server on Saturday after a significant dose of Alka Seltzer.

As the server is still down, we have no website. James Ross to make a temporary one for mimosa and the first years.


With the capital budget shot down in flames, we are left in rather a predicament with regards to actually obtaining a society account.

Tom Cropper has kindly agreed to loan the server for now, but not for the entire year. He has also agreed to maybe sell the server for a reasonable price.

If the capital budget form is not authorised, then we may use the membership money to pay for the server.


That guy who’s now left had, at the last count, got the Compsoc switch. The big, nice, 16-port switch.

Jingly Chris to speak to Puppy about encouraging Tom to return the society’s property.

Jingly Chris to buy a big cage to trap Tom.


The Onion, in all their infinite wisdom, have decided to waste six hours of each society’s lives by making them go to the Societies Convention, being held on Saturday the 6th of October.

Somehow, Social Sec Nutsy got away with not going to said convention; James Ross and Richard Colfer will go instead. Everyone else to buy them a drink in appreciation.

Fresher’s Fayre


We reckon we’ll be at the Fresher’s Fayre on Monday of Week 2 at the back-left of the market place. A whole bunch of cards have been cut and the whole exec need to cut some more.

Everyone should show their face at the Fayre. James Ross and Richard Colfer are excused because they put up with the convention, although it would be nice to see them there.

With regards to float, everyone should bring along cash, and we’ll keep a record of it.


Alexis to print two large compsoc logos to use in the center.

Jake to re-vamp last year’s stuff to look even better than it did before.


The forms supplied to us for keeping track of members are lame. Jake to do some more.


Chris Smith went into Lazer Lizard, who would charge £40 for 300 booklets, including stapling and folding. They would, however, require a week’s notice.

Jake eventually got them done at the Copyshop in Earlsdon, because they were nice and quick (if not as cheap).

Cold Seal Pouches

Chris Smith to bring a big slicer to Jake and Henry’s house, where the entire exec must do some cutting.

The Onion Noticeboard

The Onion noticeboard is covered in a PHP tutorial poster. Jake Staines to put a selection of past activities up so that people can see what we do.

South Central

Our first social of the year is in South Central on Tuesday of week three, at 7:00pm. Rough plan for the evening: Jake says some words, we all introduce ourselves, and then mingle with some first years. Mmm, mingle.

Laser Quest

The traditional start-of-term Laser Quest will be taking place on Wednesday of week 4. Tom Cropper to book.


The first LAN of the year! Woo! This will take place during the Weekend of week four, from 9AM to 10PM on the Saturday in Lib1. No all-nighters yet, as we feel the first years need easing in.

Tom Cropper to book.


So far, we don’t know whether we can play games in the ITS011. Tom Cropper to mail ITS (Rachael Parkins), asking whether we may continue the activity.


It was suggested that we buy a large drum of Cat5 cable, a crimping tool an some heads, and then sell it to undercut everywhere else nearby.

Henry and Jake to find out whether we can buy it with last year’s money, and then go and get one.


Jake has just realised that the Blue Folder Of Doom is a mess. A large mess in fact. One that must be sorted.

Jake to use his sparkly new finance card to buy some stationary and organise the folder.


Everyone should mail Compsoc their availability. Henry to sort a time for the next meeting.

LAW Society

The Law Society have asked us to do a web page. We’ll carry this over to the next exec meeting.

Apologies for this being a really boring set of minutes, but it’s 11:00pm and I need to do a web-page for my third year project.

  1. A new Tech officer that is, not a new Tom.