Minnits - 7 March 2001

Wed 07 Mar Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minnits

7 March 2001




Before the meeting, several people wanted to get some quotes in.
Tom is mind-bendingly Evil -Jake
Chris S’s useless -Tom Cropper


As of the meeting, Tom was officialy still waiting for a descision as to whether the proposed spec was OK. It was generally decided that we would like, budget allowing, for more of a beast of a machine. We’re also unsure as to whether purchasing from the Computer Fairs is a good idea or not. Alexis to find out whether the onion will accept recepits from the fairs. Tom to speak to Tim Clark mercilessly until he agrees to let us dump a Linux box in next to mimosa and steal all its bandwidth.
Let’s make our own distribution - Jingly-Hat Linux! -Tom Worley

36hour LAN

The AntiTom has booked LIB1 for the LAN. We’re just waiting for confirmation. James Ross to put the 36-hour LAN up on the signup list. Henry to mail to members encouraging them to come along cos it’s gonna grate. Er, be great.

General LAN

At the last LAN, a piece of equipment was left behind. If no-one claims it, it’s going to Henry. Henry to mail people asking if it’s theirs. Also, we decided on some standards for the LAN. These are:


James McCarthy has asked the exec to change the default server filter in the CS zip. Sadly this is not possible (or the actual reply printable), since it would be a whole lot of effort for our already over-worked exec. At the next gaming, someone is to download Gamespy and see if it will install on the NT machines. If so, they’re to look at the price of a Gamespy licence, as such a thing would be cool.


Henry to mail:

By the end of the week, we need all the signups and transport arranged[1]. It would be nice to have a meeting early next week, too. The clan used will be [UoW]. Someone (probably Nutsy or Aitch) to do a spiel at the gaming session this Friday. Which could be intersting considering the Big Compsoc Pissup is that night.


No-one’s done anything. Phules.

Finance Card

As of the meeting, Ryan still handn’t handed the old one in[2]. Alexis to mail Ryan re getting a move on (see previous footnote). Henry to sign the form.

Web Site

It was thought that James Ross could look into doing something l337 with the [exec] tag in the database. One idea was that instead of using “compsocexec/*****” on the maintenance site, exec members could use their own username / password combinations. This would allow tracking and a whole bunch of stuff. Also, JR was looking into adding equipment options for the LANS (e.g. ips, how many cables you’ll need etc).

CS Tourney

Tom wants another one. Jake is to do a whole bunch of posters for the Red Nose Day one. Henry to mail all members telling them about the tournament and to get there half an hour early. Also to include Nutsy’s rules of Humour.
  1. Shyeah, right.

  2. But, as of today (i.e. Friday 9th), he had.