Minnits - 28 February 2001

Wed 28 Feb Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minnits

28 February 2001



In the frantic few minutes in the opening of the meeting, the exec decided not to have any affiliations on the budget. The server was discussed; for details see section 2. Another item bought up was that of magazine subscriptions. If anyone has an idea for a magazine to which they’d like to subscribe, bring it to the exec’s attention. You should at least know the name of the magazine and the subscription cost.


Tom brought along some preliminary specs for the server.

CS Tournament

Things are going well, and Jake is to do a whole bunch of cool posters. For once.


An email was sent to Jim the Banana, as detailed in last week’s minnits. As of yet, no reply has been received. After a particularly personal attack on our beloved Vice President, the matter of the CompConSoc has been taken up with Pete Cuff. Chris Smith has been to see him, and he in turn is to take the matter up with the Societies Federation Committee this afternoon[1].


Here, we went to Laserquest and had a jolly good laugh killing people we didn’t know, as someone forgot to book out the arena. On the way out of LQ, we were stopped by a policeman, who had barricaded a road with his car, and asked where we were headed. “To the car park”, we replied. “OK’,” he said. “That’ll be the carpark next to the Post Office that’s had the bomb warning then, will it?” After escaping with the skin of their teeth from the Roundabout of Doom, we rejoin our intrepid adventurers in the City Arms, Earlsdon, where Jake is teaching people party tricks.

Jake’s Eye Thing

Don’t try to move your eyes, because your muscles won’t be able to cope with it. Instead, focus far and near very quickly.

Finance Cards

At the moment, it is a mystery as to how much money we’ve actually got on the finance cards. Jake to find out. Tom C’s useless -Chris Smith After rushing off from the society resource room ’cos he had other things to do, Henry didn’t get to sign his life away on the finance card. So he must do so.


Unfortunately, Chris and Chris again forgot to look at things. To do again.


Although LaserQuest was cool, we (read: Nutsy) must book out the arena completely next time, as having people in there that you don’t know is really annoying. As are the camping cheating turtles who sit in corners and cover their packs [2]. Three games were played; a friendly fire team game, a solo game and a safe team game. According to Jake, the middle one should have been another team game, but Matt Stewart-Smith “quite liked it”. So there.


After much baying and “Please put 7.1 back on, it’s sooo much better”-ing, the l33t cs p05533 realised just how wrong they had been, and have begged the gaming administration to restore CS1.0. The grass is always greener, guys.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will meet at 2:15 in the Bitchtank. A motion was moved to meet in the City Arms and not the Varsity because the City Arms is cool. The motion was tied at four votes each[3], and so it’s to be decided next week at the Bitchtank.


Henry to look at the possibility of Compsoc jumpers (in the vein of the sports soc ones), from Lazer Lizard.


It should be pointed out that here, most of the members went home. A few (Henry, Jake, Kilgore, Matt, Tom Ward, Alexis and Nutsy) went to Airport to drink some free Guinness and watch England thump Spain[4]. It was while your ever-labouring secretary was at the bar buying a worse-for-wear president [5], Tom, and a few others some free Guinness, that his Jingly Notebook of Doom fell into the Hands of Evil[6]. Said hands of evil then went through these minnits and changed, in green pen, all of the names to “Henry” before adding an item “Petty Cash: We need to give it all to Jake”. Sadly the motion was defeated and so he will remain penniless. Hah. It is not known where next the notebook went; suffice to say that the next addtion was not in the hand of el President’e, and was inscribed in blue ink. Thus it must be included in the minnits.


Must buy an elephant for advertising.

Exec member of the Week: Jake for getting totally bladdered.
  1. That’s the afternoon of the 28th, not this afternoon.

  2. Will the real Andy Fenwick please stand up.

  3. Hrumph.

  4. Yahey!

  5. Yes, Jake, that’s you. Can you remember?

  6. Yes Jake, you again. You mischevous little pup.