Minnits - 15th February 2001

Thu 15 Feb Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minnits

15th February 2001



1. IBM

The Antichris has obtained contact details for one Mike Cowlishaw (sp?) in DCS, who apparently has somethingorother to do with IBM. Mike (Squire, not Cowlishaw) to talk to Mike (Cowlishaw, not Squire), since he at least sort of knows him.

2. Server

Kilgore mailed Tim Clark, but Tim hasn’t repsonded. Antichris to mail him again to make sure he’s still alive. If he isn’t, then we’ll kill him. The now-infamous SQWAT team shall strike again!

3. Computer Console Society

Speaking of striking again… The Computer Console Society has sent us a barbed-ish email offering a game of ‘Prefect Lark’ or something to settle who gets the ‘Computing’ name. Several responses were considered:

4. Laminator

HolyChris to get Laminator specifications, so we can perform a application/time analysis and pair it with the findings from our existing durability report to determine if lamination or coldseal is the way to go next year. Lamination has the advantage that - bar taking weaponry/fire/etc. to it - the card is practically indestructible, but the disadvatnage that if it’s a low-end laminator, we’re likely to be able to coldseal faster, even /if/ HolyChris is completely incapable of sealing them. Coldseal has the speed advantage, but it isn’t nearly as swanky as Lamination and makes us look like a cheap contended to FilmSoc’s Most-Swanky-Society crown.
Meanwhile, Kilgore to look out for Smaller coldseal thingies so someone doesn’t have to spend their summer cutting the pouches down to the size we need.

5. Recruitright

“It’s a non-point” - Senõr Spielbergo

6. Email List

“I haven’t had it yet” “No, it doesn’t look like you have.” - Kilgore and a Waitress.
“I am immune to temperature” - Richard ‘Toaster’ Colfer
The new members of the exec have now been added to the dreaded Compsoc-Exec email list, meaning that they get spammed with crap every time Chris is feeling depressed.

7. Pub

Still on for 7:30, Varsity, Friday of Week 9.

8. Gaming

CS7.1 moved, seconded and passed at AGM. Fish to burn several (4) CS1.0 CDs for those members who want to game on the ‘net at gaming sessions, and Jake ’Still too cool to have a silly nickname’ Staines to bring 7.1 CD to reinstall sometime over the weekend.

9. Tutorials

Mike wants to help Henry with the Perl tutorials. PHP tutorials for weeks 18-20, Ryan to book rooms. Henry to do Perl tuts weeks 22-25 - book next term. Look at timetables to see when we should do them. Jake to do posters for both events.

10. Handover

At next meeting, old exec to take back seat then handover after next meeting. They still have to teach the new exec everything they know, mind.

11. Courses for New Exec

Jake to look out for courses:

12. LaserQuest

Chris ‘Goldeneye’ Smith to book Laserquest for wednesday of week 7. £5 for three games, with NUS. £1.30 to get return bus ticket, prefereably 4-5pm.

13. 48hr LAN

Try to book for 10am Saturday to 10pm Sunday. So, more of a 36-hour LAN, then. Oh well. Antichris to book room, since he has been maintaining such good relations with the room-booking-woman. Weekend of week 2 next term (22).

14. Next Meeting

Meet in Bitchtank, 2pm