Minnits - 8th February 2001

Thu 08 Feb Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minnits

8th February 2001



1. AGM

Chris Salmon will chair the AGM and count the votes, and do all that osrt of stuff becuase he’s easy to bribe. Um, because he’s impartial, since he’s leaving and isn’t running for a position next year.
We will hold the vote via a paper ballot, each voter given a slip of paper with the positions contested and a gap to write a number - each candidate for a position will be given a number, and they can write their vote for each position next to the position on the paper.
Each candidate, prior to voting, will be given 5 minutes or so to give some sort of speech - if they so wish - or if they are not present, may send a speech to Chris Salmon to be read out on their behalf. Jake to print voting slips.

2. Sponsorship

It was decided that we may as well do the … um … thing. The website/magazine/sponsorship-but-we-take-a-cut thing. We can take magazines to gaming or leave them in pigeonholes or tell people to ask for one or something.
In other news, Baz is to talk to Anne Warr (in DCS) to find out where exactly the IBM/Warwick representantive might be found.

3. Science Ball

“I told you so…” - Jimmie
“Biggest event of the science calendar? I’d like to dispute that. The compsoc allnighter is obviously the… ” - Kilgore
The science ball - as people may have worked out on their own - didn’t happen. It was postponed until sometime early next year. Apparently, this happened to other events as well. This does mean, of course, that we have the opportunity to vend tickets at the fresher’s fayre next year…
It was suggested that Ryan might send a SQWAT team to Arthur Andersen’s HQ, since they promised sponsorship and then decided that they couldn’t be arsed - however, a .5 kT nuke would be much more efficient.

4. Red Nose Day

Baz promises to donate £500… [1]
It was proposed that we run a Counter-Strike tournament, with an entry of - um, a ‘voluntary contribution’ of £2. Size of contribution determines seat in room - biggest gets the seats at the back, and so on. You can buy frags for 50pence each, at any time /in the game/ - cash in bucket. Anyone coming in fancy dress (The Jingly Hat Of Doom not counting as fancy dress on it’s own) gets free frag credits that they can spend at the start of any one game.
HolyChris to email ITS to request both rooms on a one-night-only basis, and to obtain a Red Nose Day infopack from that sterling organisation, the BBC. Ryan to get Rag bucket for cash holding. Jake to post to newsgroup announcing event. Hopefully we will be able to run this on the Saturday of week 9.

5. First Aid Course

We will need to ‘volunteer’ someone from new to the exec to do this. I’m sure they’ll enjoy it.

6. Laserquest

Wednesday of week 7. HolyChris to book.

7. 48hr LAN

Advertise at the filmsoc allnighter? Holychris to investigate. Week 2 next term? Late in the term may still catch exam periods, or people may have gone home early.

8. CS Tourney

See Red Nose Day. James and Mat still haven’t got back to us on the whole Ladder thing.

9. Server

Chris forgot to ring Tim Clark, so he needs to email him soon.

10. Pub

(That’s Pub as in Public house, as opposed to any vaguely computer-related meaning)
Friday, Week 9, go to Varsity at 7:30, go to gaming afterwards. Chris Smith can put up those of us who can’t get home at that sort of time. Probably. He’ll investigate, anyway.

11. Poker

Chris to investigate possibility of doing this at his place.

12. Allnighter

Antichris to bring cables and switch and cards and stuff. Jake to take him, Chris, and Baz’s box for Richard. Baz is amazing - he has a spare box that he will lend to Richard to use for the allnighter. Proxy voting for the elections will be allowed so long as the results are in before 12 noon on saturday.

13. Bichatse

“It is good” - Salmon

14. Stationery

We need to obtain:

Actually, forget that last one. We can probably manage without it.
Baz, while meandering vaguely near the subject, will do a webpage for his cable sales and stick it up to the compsoc website.

15. Pigeonhole

Baz to enquire about the possibility of getting a Compsoc pigeonhole and/or locker in DCS.

16. Talks

The talks must go on! Henry Southgate has offered to do some Perl talks for us, so long as he gets long enough to cover the subject properly. We suggest week 7 until week 10, probably at the same place/time as before - although it would be useful to find somewhere that doesn’t clash with /any/ timetables. It’s possible that an evening slot may work better, since fewer people are likely to be interested in Perl anyway, and they’re more likely to accept an evening slot. Jake to talk to Henry.
In other news, Jake will do a basic HTML up to PHP set of talks next term. But only once Phil’s gone over the HTML bits and made sure that he actually has them /right/, as opposed to just /working/…

17. Next Meeting

Next meeting in the Bitchtank, 2pm on Thursday. Bring along new exec.
[1] Actually, he doesn’t. This is a big lie. A big stinking lie. A big foul lying cheating stinking lie.