Minnits - 1st February 2001

Thu 01 Feb Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minnits

1st February 2001



1. Server

Tim Clark still hasn’t got back to us, Chris Salmon to follow it up. Rumours of an anti-Linux inquisition roaming ITS have yet to be confirmed.

2. Sponsorship

Someone needs to find the Warwick/IBM Liason guy, and talk to him about the possibility of getting IBM to sponsor us and/or give us stuff. Chris Salmon to investigate - remembering of course to specifically talk about sponsorship for a server, and not to mention beer or treasure hunts at all.

3. AGM

Newsletter didn’t get sent out on time, due to a combination of factors. The AGM will still be held at the allnighter - Jake to send out a ‘thing’ ASAP. 8pm start. (People can nominate themselves, nominations don’t have to be in until the day itself)

4. Allnighter

  1. pm ’til 11am. Same rules as last Allnighter - everyone wears heaphones, one DVD per LAN, facing away from computers, and absolutely /no/ human sacrifices. The room has actually been confirmed now, so we are fine to send mail out. Anyone for transport?

5. PostLAN

The exec formally thanks Chris Fanning, for his services at the last LAN - despite not actually attending the event himself. Tom Cropper has one of our network cards - remember. The switch was Great. Fantastic. Wonderful. More funky than a dead funky thing in disco gear. We also have loads of spare cards, so in the future, we have no problem with lending these out to members.

6. 48Hr LAN

The idea was mooted for a 48hr LAN - although thew scope was cut down ever-so-slightly to 10 in the morning Saturday to 9 in the evening Sunday (Finishing at 8). Chris Salmon to mail the University Room Booking person he’s getting on so well with to ask if we can have this long a time.

7. Kuru

The society has sent an anonymous formal warning - no response has been recieved. We now have to mete some kick-arse retribution. Suggestions on a postcard-shaped email to compsoc@warwick.ac.uk.

8. ITS

Jimmie has not mailed ITS - partially because he “couldn’t be arsed’ and partially because as he says ”I can not construct a convincing enough argument." Jake to mail Allden at ITS to request the use of a few seats in the other NT room for the puposes of tournaments.

9. Pub

Anyway, on the friday of Week 19, from 7 onwards, Compsoc will be in the Varsity. All of us. Any memebr found not turning up will be forced to commit Hare Kiri [1] for our amusement.

10. Laserquest

We will have another game of LQ on the Wednesday of Week 6 - Chris Smith to book. We will try and get 4-5pm, but of course it’s by no means certain. Game will cost - as always - £5 for 3 games, remember to bring NUS etc. If we get the 4o’clock slot, we’ll meet up at 3:30 in Rootes Reception.

11. Bowling

“Can’t you run your social life without it being Minuted?”
“No! Not at all!”

The last bowling was apparently not well enough advertised, and thus not too many people turned up. As a result of this , future socials will have a summary at the top of the newsletter of the time and cost of each event, so people don’t have to read up the details in the body of the newsletter. This doesn’t mean to say that members shouldn’t read the newsletter - the standard punishment for not reading the Compsoc Newsletter from start to finish still stands.

12. Poker

Mike /still/ wants to play Poker. Chris will inquire at home as to the feasibility of holding it there, otherwise we can all go round Jake’s. Although there’s only four chairs. If we need to go to Chris’, Jake can drive Chris, Baz and Mike over.

13. Next Meeting

  1. pm, Thursday Wk5, Bitchtank.

[1] Or seppuku, by their preference.