Minnits - 25th January, 2001

Thu 25 Jan Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minnits

25th January, 2001



1. Server

We went - as a whole, with Tom Worley in tow - to a meeting with Ian Brown, who is with the Onion. Essentially, he had nothing against the idea of us having a server in The Onion, but only if it was running NT - for which the university could give us a very good deal at only three hundred pounds. Three hundred pounds. Ian Brown didn’t want a server running Linux in his office since he didn’t know enough to be able to administer it himself in the event of an emergency.
We then emailed Tim Clark of ITS, who was very enthusiastic about Linux, but had no idea where we could put the box… He is currently “investigatin’” and will be back to us on Friday.
To those not already /in the know/, ‘Linux’ is pronounced as if it were spelt ‘Leinnucks’. Roughly. /Not/ as if it were spelt ‘Line-Ucks’. That would be wrong. So very wrong.

2. Chris’ Incompetence

Chris ‘Kilgore’ Salmon managed to turn up late to the Java Tutorial he was supposed to be hosting.
Chris ‘Jimmie’ Smith, however, asked me last week to send him the minnits for last week’s meeting. He asked me this in a reply to a mail message to which I’d attached the minnits for last week’s meeting.

3. CS Sprays

We need to make the CS Sprays we have been sent available to our members on Friday nights. Chris Salmon to organise.

4. Gaming

Chris isn’t going to Saturday gaming. Neither is Chris. Jake might, but he’ll talk to Toaster to ask if he doesn’t mind covering in the event of Jake not turning up.

5. LAN

Jake to mail an update to the whole LAN situation.

6. Switch

We have a switch! Aha! Now we have about £300 left in our account, this has to cover a Laminator and pouches, possibly a HDD, and then anything else we want this term. Probably better do next year’s booklets and cards on that, too.

7. Java Tutorials

Chris apologises for missing the Java tutorials. The Antichris to put some stuff on the website about it and actually turn up on time next week.

8. Talks

Once the Java tutorials are over, we should really do more talks along other subjects. Kilgore to do a quick poll at the end of the next talk to see what sort of things people would like to know about.

9. Kuru

We have a report that Kuru maliciously vandalised a Java Tutorial poster. If he does not submit a complete formal apology to the exec within two weeks, he /will/ fail AI. If he’s /really/ lucky, we won’t cut his balls off.

10. Science Ball

“This is going to be a big flop, isn’t it.” - Chris Smith
It transpires that due to a variety of downright eeeviil reasons, ranging from not owning the prerequisite clothing or not being able to eat anything on the menu to not being free or being completely out of money, very few - if any - of the exec will be able to get to the Science Ball. We apologise profusely to the organisers, and still recommend it as a great night out for all our members.

11. CS Ladder

Two responses have been emailed to the CS Ladder request. Jake to mail both Mat and McCarthy, telling them to get together and submit a proposal on how they will run the ladder to the exec.

12. Computer Console Society

Jimmie spoke to Ann Jarvis - she has recieved both forms and is passing them on to Pete Cuff.

13. Stuff

In the event of the Society obtaining a Server, Tom Worley is hereby appointed Server Administrator, even if he doesn’t want to be.
No, /especially/ if he doesn’t want to be.

14. AGM

We are holding our AGM on the Saturday of Wk15, at the beginning of the allnighter. Nominations to be in by the end of Monday, Wk15. 8pm start to give us time to get all the computers in and set up - although they /will/ be switched off while the AGM is in progress. At the AGM we will be holding our elections. The positions that are available are as follows.
The first three positions are mandatory - we must have seperate people to fill these slots or we cease to exist as a society.

There are many advantages to being on the Compsoc exec - not least being easy entry onto socials signup lists, and the learning of new and important skills. Being on the executive of a student society like the Compsoc will look more impressive that your degree to some employers.
Baz points out that the future exec should be careful to check rhosts at the beginning of next year and edit it appropriately.

14. Next Meeting

  1. pm, Thursday, Bitchtank, Next Week.