Minnits - 11th January, 2001

Thu 11 Jan Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minnits

11th January, 2001



1. Refresher’s Fayre

At the Refresher’s Fayre last Tuesday, we managed to sign up 5 new members - but also spent £10 on a backboard for the event. Which was blue, but not /Compsoc/ blue[1]. Whether this should be deemed as a success or a loss (or both) is left as an exercise to the reader, However, high spirits ensued for the day with the exec, due to the penning of a new Balloon Policy, by which the society executive shall be governed in the prescence of uninflated balloons.

2. Java Courses

Chris ‘I Have More Nicknames Than Lucifer Himself’ Salmon /still/ to write scripts and notes for Java Courses. Chris ‘My Name Is Feared Across All Three Computer Rooms’ Salmon to book rooms. Ryan ‘Treasurer’ Cullen to announce in 2nd Yr. ISE lecture, and Chris ‘I Have To See A Man About A Monkey’ Salmon to accounce in 1st COA lecture. Chris ‘Senor Spielbergo-burgulo’ Salmon to contact course-running-people in DCS to inform them and ask for hints to be dropped. The first course/tutorial/workshop/insult-hurling session will be held in The North Onion, in Meeting Rooms 4 and 5, bewteen the hours of 4 and 5 on Tuesday of week 3. Further meetings will be held on the Tuesdays of weeks 4 and 5, between the hours of 4 and 5 in - and here’s the tricky part - meeting rooms 4 and 5 and 2 respectively. That’s 4 and 5 in week 4 and 2 in week 5, if all those conjunctions were getting on top of you.
Jake, in the meantime, will be hurriedly making posters to advertise the event, to be plastered over DCS from Thursday (18th) onwards. With any luck. Also to note in Newsletter. D’oh.

3. Peter Molyneux

This topic on the agenda has been sneakily inserted after the fact to cover for an unscheduled discussion of The Man and His works, held between Jake and Chris ‘I Have No Amusing Nickname That I Am Aware Of’ Smith, to avoid Chris ‘Torquemada’ Salmon’s draconian meeting policy.

4. Switch

No news! Is this a suprise? No. Baz to mail Scan - for it was them from whence we ordered - as to the status of our order, if indeed there is an order and the Onion hasn’t just screwed it all up. Good money, so I am told, is on the latter.

5. PC Format

“OK - Jake to arrange for S.Q.W.A.T. team…” - The AntiChris gets carried away with his acronyms, upon the discussion of the storming of the mail room to recover lost back issues fo PC Format.
As it was with the PC Format subscription, so it shall be for all time. It appears that we’re not allowed to spend any money. It’s one of those universe law things. We buy a subscription to PC Format, after one issue they dissapear. We order a switch, and it looks as though the same thing’s happening. We’re cursed! Anyhow, since we /still/ haven’t seen PC Format, Ryan is to be curt and potentially - gasp - even /rude/ to the Mailroom staff since we highly suspect that this is where our lost back issues reside. If not, we may have to hire famed archaeologist Indiana Java to dig them out for us.

6. Consolesoc

Since we haven’t heard from them either of the three times we emailed them, Chris ‘Workhorse’ Salmon to talk to the Onion and list our demands:

7. Gaming

Gaming, like the ThunderCats, is Go. Oh, hang on a minute, that was the Thunderbirds. Gaming is Ho! Jake to do the GUI installer thing he promised, and to reiterate the food-and- drink-gets-you-kicked-in-the-gonads-and-suspended-from-signup policy.

8. Vinegar

See item #3.

9. Chris’ Incompetence

It was agreed by the Compsoc Exec that Chris was incompetent and had to go. However, it was later argued by Chris ‘Fish’ Salmon’s defence lawyers that there was no way to tell in the vote held whether or not Chris ‘Engineering Student’ Smith or Chris ‘Murray’ Salmon was actually being referred to, any at any rate, the earliest a departure could be affected was coincidentally similar to the time that his term as President ran out and the newly-elected exec took over. No decision has been reached, so business shall continue (or not) as normal.

10. OpenSauce Project

Chris ‘Not Jesus’ Salmon has booked a room for this week - Jake has booked /all/ the others, thus showing that he is eight times as useful. Jake to give out any remaining CDs, and note that anyone else who wants one only has to ask. Jake to give stuff to Chris ‘Still Not Jesus’ Salmon to type up.

11. Allnighter

Chris ‘The AntiChris’ Salmon to book room for weekend of week 5. Jake to note and to remind people with laptops that they are just as welcome.

12. Bowling

Tuesday of week 3 - Meet in Rootes Reception at 6:30. £1.60 return on the bus, £2 a game, £1 for shoe hire. Most of evening. Ryan Cullen to actually meet us on campus to ensure that we don’t get horribly, horribly lost.

13. Science Ball

Arthur Andersen sponsored the Science Ball to the tune of £500 pounds, and the event is going ahead. Rumours of ice sculptures, fire breathers and casinos, however, unfornately turned out to be slightly spurious. Tickets will become available soon, and not going is a floggable offence - unless you have a really, really good excuse. Or a note from your mother.

14. Misc. Stuff

Find out who to talk to about a server, for the possibility of hosting etc. Chris ‘Still No Amusing Nickname’ Smith to do all this, plus look around for options outside of the university.
Chris ‘Damn, I have to find myself one of these nickname thingies’ Smith to look at Laminator-Buying options, how we might go about it, and how to do so before the start of next year, so we can do people up nice laminated membership cards at the fresher’s fayre.

15. Next Meeting

  1. pm in The Bitchtank. “Any Objections from Mike to be noted and ignored” - Chris ‘Nickname hunt unsuccessful’ Smith
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